Planned Parenthood sued for harassing pro-life protesters

(Photo: Twitter/Bethany Janzen)
(Photo: Twitter/Bethany Janzen)

A Planned Parenthood branch in California has been sued for “repeatedly harassing pro-lifers” at its Napa, California, abortion business.

Officials with Life Legal Defense Foundation say the abortion business’ “deathscorts,” those employees who escort women into the business for abortions, have been grabbing pro-lifers, screaming at them, and more.

“In one case, a Planned Parenthood ‘deathscort’ grabbed a pro-lifer’s arm and pushed it away as she was handing literature to a woman approaching the facility. In another case, which happened at the height of the COVID pandemic, a deathscort stepped up to a pro-lifer, got within six inches of her face, and started screaming at her. The pro-lifer was alarmed and shaken by this aggressive behavior,” according to a statement from Life Legal.

They also have “pushed and shoved pro-life advocates, knocked over their signs, followed them to their cars, shouted profanity in their faces, and yelled at them to stop praying.”

“After repeated attacks, including physical assaults, on pro-lifers by Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers at its Napa abortion facility, we had no choice but to file suit,” said Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder. “Public sidewalks – even those outside abortion clinics – must remain open to constitutionally protected speech and activities without constant harassment and interference.”

The organization explained last year Napa adopted a “bubble zone” ordinance that prohibits harassing any person within 30 feet of the entrance to an abortion facility.

“Harassment includes interfering with the free passage of a pedestrian, intentionally touching or causing contact with a person without that person’s consent, and engaging in a course of conduct that alarms another person,” the organization said.

“Planned Parenthood insists that the bubble zone ordinance was necessary to protect its workers and clients, even though all the harassment taking place outside the abortion mill has been directed at pro-lifers. Pro-aborts sought the ordinance to deter pro-life advocates and make sure women do not have access to life-affirming options to abortion.”

The legal team said its own staff members have been “subjected to ongoing persecution and intimidation…”

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