Political money laundering: 'The big guy' always gets his cut

Cheaters love regulations – the more complex the better, because as every lawyer knows, when the focus is on the wording and not the intention of the law, there’s always a loophole somewhere, and if you can find it, you can accomplish whatever unethical thing you want to do without “breaking the law.”

One of my favorite examples of this phenomenon was talking with a young Muslim man a few years ago on a train in Europe, who was describing a drinking party he recently attended in the basement of a house because “Allah can’t see what you do underground.” I have no idea if this is actual Muslim doctrine, but this young man believed it was, and that he was not breaking Islamic law by drinking alcohol underground.

All legalistic systems have this problem. Jews in the Holy Land, for example, are forbidden by the Mosaic law from planting crops every seventh year – so some of them lease their land to Gentiles during those years so they can make their profit while not “breaking the law.” I once had a Seventh Day Adventist friend who taught church classes on quitting cigarette smoking, but saw no problem with his pot-smoking addiction because marijuana wasn’t specifically banned in church doctrine. The problem in every case is not necessarily the law, or the group he belongs to, but the person seeking the loophole in disregard of the intent of the lawmaker.

Nowhere is the spirit of the law more routinely breached by unethical people than in American politics – specifically the laws governing campaign finance and elections. When I was running against uber-RINO and Romney protégé Charlie Baker for governor of Massachusetts in the 2018 primary, I got a little taste of this. The regulations of the Massachusetts GOP forbade the party from assisting either candidate until after the primary election – a law I relied upon (in part) in deciding to run as a Republican instead of an Independent, and was personally assured by the executive director in a face-to-face meeting that the party would honor that policy in my race.

A few weeks later, a pot-stirring reporter for the Boston Globe called me to ask if I was aware that the party was collecting signatures and campaigning for Baker’s nomination. I filed a formal complaint with the (lesbian activist and pre-arranged next governor – for not opposing Baker in 2018) Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey (who totally ignored it). Meanwhile, the Mass GOP executive committee simply met in emergency session to retroactively change the rules to ratify their de facto endorsement of Baker and expressly ban the party from providing any assistance to me! I then filed a lawsuit, which got spiked statewide by the pro-Baker Democratic media and eventually dismissed by a newly Baker-appointed judge who declined to recuse herself.

My consolation was that my 36.1% vote total (as a state-media-characterized “crackpot bigot”) against the national-media-touted “most popular governor in America” utterly smashed his plan to sabotage Trump in the 2020 presidential primary by running as the “Republican voice of reason” (then folding into his Democrat pal Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s administration as proof of her “post-Trump bipartisanship”). But Baker still has presidential delusions, as his (dismal) inclusion in the recent CPAC poll proves.

The takeaway is that cheaters always find a way to get around the rules they don’t like, and the more money and power they (or their patrons) have, the easier it is for them. Meanwhile, the tiniest technicality will be used to justify the unethical suppression and/or punishment of the common people who get in their way. That reality is on full display in the treatment of the relatively peaceful and innocent pro-Trump political prisoners enduring the harshest possible treatment the D.C. “justice” system can inflict upon them, in contrast to the thousands upon thousands of actual rioters – caught in the act of looting, arson and violent public mayhem in America’s deepest blue cities – who have literally been set free without consequences by corrupt Democratic authorities.

One especially egregious form of election cheating usually goes unnoticed: political money laundering. The Biden crime family opened peoples’ eyes to it recently in the Hunter Biden “art” scam in which “art works” of dubious merit even for a sidewalk street-vendor are being offered to anonymous buyers (wink wink) presumably of the Chinese Communist Party for prices rivaling Picassos. Undoubtedly “the big guy” will get his cut.

The Clinton crime family famously got a big chunk of their operating cash from boring policy speeches for big corporations and other deep-pocketed allies at half-a-million a pop. Nice work if you can get it. (Now we know why the red corporations allowed themselves to be turned “woke” by the blue communists even though they are theoretically each others’ worst enemies: systemic corruption is so much easier to implement when the elites join forces against the peasant-populists.)

More common are the “book publishing” scams where anointed candidates pocket huge advances on book contracts written by ghosts and purchased in bulk quantities by political allies, presumably to be quietly dumped in landfills, since there are only so many gullible patsies who will shell out cash for such drivel at bookstores. (I often see these books at thrift stores and have yet to find a single one that looked like it had actually been read). Why has nobody ever investigated and exposed these publishers as the political money launderers they are? I’d like to see somebody name names.

Then, of course, is the Mother of All Money Laundering Schemes: the Public Employee Union / Dem Politician Partnership in all of our major cities. What a racket! Two groups of publicly funded Democratic partisans – one group made up of tens of thousands of permanent socialist voters (and donors), the other made up of dozens or hundreds of election-dependent public officials – both sitting on the same side of the bargaining table, negotiating the terms of the quid-pro-quo union contracts with no taxpayer representatives in sight. What could go wrong? And, by the way, the bureaucrats in the elections division – and the clerks in the judicial system who can manipulate which judges get sensitive election cases – are all unionized public employees, too.

So in this 2022 election season, when election integrity issues have everyone’s attention, let’s not forget about all the “legal” but unethical money laundering that greases the wheels of corruption – and the palms of the corrupt.

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