Poll shows large numbers fine with assisted suicide for being homeless

Prescribing assisted suicide is just fine, for large numbers of Canada’s citizens, if the person is afflicted with homelessness.

Or poverty.

The stunning results are being reported at the National Post, which said more than one-quarter of those responding confirmed they were fine with “approving” “medical-assistance-in-dying,” or MAID, for those “whose only affliction was poverty” or being homeless.

The results come from the polling by Research Co. on the topic of having the government help people kill themselves.

The nation joined the few world countries who have legalize assisted suicide where a patient does not have a terminal illness back in 2021.

Since then the radical “treatment” is allowed for nothing more than having a “grievous medical condition.”

The report explained, “If a Canadian’s only affliction was ‘poverty,’ 27% said they would be fine with legalizing that person’s access to MAID. Another 28% pegged ‘homelessness’ as an appropriate bar to qualify for MAID.”

In fact, 20% said they were comfortable with the assisted for anyone “for any reason.”

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The report noted, “One of the more controversial aspects of MAID has been a number of high-profile cases in which Canadians with serious illnesses opted for death only after years of failing to obtain proper medical care. The Research Co. poll found a slim majority of respondents who were fine with this, too; 51%t endorsed ‘inability to receive medical treatment’ as sufficient reason for an assisted death.”

In Canada, assisted suicide can be approved and administered by nurse practitioners with a notable lack of checks and balances.

There were 2,838 such deaths the first year, in 2016, but that ballooned to 10,064 by 2021.

The Gateway Pundit bluntly warned “Canadistan is out of control.”

“The culture of death is creeping in many countries of the world. One of the most disturbing manifestations of this culture, along with abortion, is the rapid spread of euthanasia and ‘assisted suicide’ in the last decade,” it warned. “Nowhere is the lunacy of such policies showing its true face than Canada. The Justin Trudeau regime is taking the country right into a dystopian situation that is normalizing policies that allow (and encourage) people to make recourse of ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ not because they have a terminal and painful disease or medical condition, but simply because they are poor and homeless.”

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