Poll shows what Americans really think of 'packing' Supreme Court

President Joe Biden delivers his address to Congress on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. (Video screenshot)

A new survey reveals Americans are not behind the agenda point adopted by President Biden and his Democrat Party regarding packing the Supreme Court.

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has advocated for changes to the bench, going so far as to publicly threatened two of the justices if they made a decision he didn’t like.

But the campaign to modify the court based on the political preferences of Democrats is not going down well with Americans.

The new poll, done by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy for First Liberty Institute, reveals that 64% of respondents oppose the “court-packing” idea.

And 55% do not believe that the “commission” Biden appointed to “study proposals on reforming the Supreme Court” will represent their views.

And 69% would oppose any proposed constitutional amendment to change the “independence and authority” of the court.

And 74% would oppose a plan that has been floated to expand the court and then have “panels” of three judges deciding cases.

The bigger problem, Americans believe, is with Congress. And the presidency.

Sixty percent believe Congress is the branch of government “more in need of major reform,” while 15% say the executive branch. In fact, 61% say Biden should appoint a commission to study proposed reforms of Congress, and 51% say a commission should look at “reforms to the authority of the presidency.”

Forty-seven percent confirm that Biden created his court commission in order to “serve as a political vehicle to justify weakening the Supreme Court to advance the agenda of Democratic politicians.”

It was provided to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column, where he explained, “More believe that President Joe Biden is playing politics with his look at reforming the Supreme Court, including packing in new judges, and think a better place to make changes is in Congress and the White House.”

He noted “court-packing” was rejected 64% to 28%.

“It’s what the political class is not discussing that I think is most interesting,” First Liberty’s Jeremy Dys said. “The American people seem to believe that the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government. Most believe (47%) the Presidential Commission on SCOTUS is purely political, meant to degrade the judiciary and advance the agenda of the Democrats. Fully 55% of those surveyed believe the presidential commission will not adequately represent their views on court reform.”

He continued, “Perhaps the story is that those in the executive and legislative branches calling for reform of the judicial branch ought to tend to their own house instead.”

The margin of error for the survey of 1,100 voters contacted by telephone is no more than 3 percentage points and there is a 95% probably that the “true” figure would fall within that range.

The figures reveal that Americans believe the president has more power than Congress, that the presidency and the Supreme Court are almost equal, and Congress and the Supreme Court are almost equal.

When asked which of the three is the most powerful branch, 48% said they are equal.

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