Poll suggests 2024 to be a presidential race rematch

President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden at the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. (C-SPAN video screenshot)

A new poll from Zogby Analytics reveals that President Trump is by far and away the top pick for the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024.

And the election could be a rematch of 2020, as Joe Biden is the top pick among Democrats, even though his support from even his own party members failed to reach the halfway mark.

And, significantly, another recent poll confirmed that nearly two-thirds of the respondents there, 64%, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term. That includes 28% of Democrats. There’s even the expressed desire that he quit long before 2024.

Zogby’s analysis explained, “It’s only been one year since the 2020 presidential election! With all the fall-out from the 2020 presidential election, and COVID still raging, the event itself seems so long ago. We know it’s way too early to be polling for the 2024 presidential election but we couldn’t help ourselves. Is 2024 a repeat and clash of the eighty-something-year-old ‘grumpy men’ or is there new blood on the horizon? Alas, the data points to it’s probably going to be Trump and Biden again, unless someone can finally uncover something illegal and Trump is charged with a true crime or Biden is not physically well enough to continue in office.”

More bad news for Democrats, too, the poll said.

“The data will also tell you Vice President Kamala Harris will not be president in this lifetime. Her approval rating is ‘not worth a bucket of warm spit.’ Maybe that’s what she meant by telling Joe Biden on the phone after the 2020 presidential election, ‘we did it, we did it Joe.’ Both the president and vice president have some of the worst approval ratings in history and both are presiding over the worst economic inflation in 30 years, well mission accomplished! Sounds like an opportunity to hit the road and pat yourself on the back. Biden and Harris should fly into cities with a banner, marching band parade, and top it off with an appearance on The View. That type of distorted reality would top George W. Bush’s proclamation of victory in Iraq.”

Zogby said among likely Republican primary voters, 59.1% would choose President Trump, 12% Mike Pence, 7.4% Ron DeSantis and 5.2% Nikki Haley. Mike Pompeo, Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio all came in with less support than “someone else.”

Among Democrats, Biden gets only 40.2% of their vote, Michelle Obama 20%, Kamala Harris 9.8% and Stacey Abrams, Gavin Newsom and Cory Booker were under “someone else.”

Zogby speculated: “What if Biden and Trump are both declared medically unfit to run for president? That would throw both primary lists into chaos. Who would emerge on the Republican side? The Democrats, who are experiencing an in-house brawl between moderates and progressives, would probably tear each other limb for limb. At that point, you might hear ‘paging Mrs. Obama,’ ‘paging Mrs. Obama, is anyone home, please save our party!'”

The poll surveyed 896 likely voters.

Commentator Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner noted Republican primary voters “are not backing away from their desire to have former President Donald Trump lead the GOP 2024 ticket.”

He noted Michelle Obama’s 20% support is “a sign that Democratic primary voters might be looking for an alternative.”

He described Harris as “an afterthought.”

“Her tenure has been marked so far with key policy failures, and her personal polling has dropped substantially,” he explained.

WND recently reported that a third polling organization now had confirmed that Joe Biden’s approval rating has “cratered.”

The newly released USA TODAY/Suffolk poll said Biden’s support is an a “new low” of 38%.

“Republicans hold a clear lead on the congressional ballot as President Joe Biden’s approval rating sinks to a new low of 38%,” the poll report said. “A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, found that Biden’s support cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.”

It was only days earlier that a Zogby Analytics poll described him as “sinking like the Titanic” with an approval rating of 36%. And a Quinnipiac poll on the issue put him at 38%, then a few days later dropped that to 37%.

The new USA Today survey said it “illuminates the size of the hole Democrats need to dig out of as they look toward the elections in one year – on Nov. 8, 2022 – that will determine control of Congress and shape the second two years of Biden’s term.

It reported, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That includes 28% of Democrats. Opposition to Trump running for another term in 2024 stands at 58%, including 24% of Republicans.”

WND also documented a Daily Wire report that a plurality of U.S. voters want Biden out of office in 2022.

That, of course, would be only midway through his term.

The top one of the top 10 responses in the USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll, to the question on what voters wanted Biden to do in the next year, was to “resign/retire/quit.”

One in five voters made that his or her top preference, and it was the single biggest response in the poll.

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