Pollster: Trump would win 2024 race in 'electoral landslide'

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

Former President Donald Trump, if he moves forward with a 2024 run for the White House, would win an in “electoral landslide,” according to a new poll that looks at the politics of the coming presidential campaign.

President Joe Biden, who has just finished the first year of his term, would get only 23% of the vote in even his own party’s primary, said the poll from McLaughlin & Associates.

In fact, those Democrats who are “undecided” about their party’s candidate for 2024, at 13%, outnumber those supporting any other candidate except Biden’s 23% and Michelle Obama’s 19%.

Columnist Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner explained “pollster John McLaughlin predicted an ‘electoral landslide,’ telling Secrets, ‘Trump would win the needed battleground states by an even higher margin’ than in 2020.”

The Examiner described Biden’s lack of support from within his own party as “shocking.”

“Notably, support for 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has stirred new reports that she’s eager to run again, came from just 4% of Democratic primary voters. And Vice President Kamala Harris is also an afterthought at 7%,” Bedard reported.

The survey once a month looks at the prospects for the 2024 race. More Democrats are surveyed than Republicans.

Among other points that suggest a failing Biden term in office:

  • A huge 64% say America, under Biden, is going the wrong direction.
  • Biden’s agenda has only 32% believing the country is moving the right direction.
  • On a generic ballot for Congress, a Republican beats a Democrat 47%-45%.
  • Biden’s job approval is down to 41%, while a majority of 57% say they disapprove.
  • Some 55% say they have an unfavorable opinion of Biden, while only 43% approve.
  • Kamala Harris is about as bad as Biden, with only 40% favorable to her, while 54% are unfavorable.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is even worse off, with only 36% seeing her favorably.
  • The Democrats’ big government socialism programs are preferred by only 16%.
  • And in a move that reversed the opinion of economic solidarity during President Trump’s term, and coincided with Biden’s move into the White House, 57% say the nation is in a recession, while only 38% say it isn’t.
  • And 63% say it’s getting worse.

On the other side of the political divide, 66% of respondents want to see Trump run again and 80% would support him. And the poll showed Trump would beat Biden 48%-45%, Harris by 50%-43% and Clinton 50%-43%.

An overwhelming 61% insisted that Biden “should take a cognitive health test and release it publicly.”

McLaughlin said driving the nation’s dissatisfaction with Biden and Democrats is the failing economy.

McLaughlin wrote, “Two-thirds, 64%, of all voters say that America is on the wrong track. Only 32% say, ‘right direction.’ As gas and food prices rise, the top issue is inflation. The number of voters saying the economy is in recession rose to 57%. Two-thirds, 63%, of the voters say the economy is getting worse, and only 31% said that it is getting better. This is the worst economic result since the coronavirus pandemic caused the economic shutdown in March and April of 2020.”

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