Populists vs. elites: Opposite views of a needed 'reset'

Most of us have had the feeling for years that something was very wrong.

For the past 30 years, economic, domestic and foreign policy has seemed more the result of central planning by political and economic elites than the natural flow of human events.

The stock market sets record highs whether the economy is good or bad. The national debt increases faster all the time, at numbers so unimaginably large there is no longer even any discussion about slowing the rate of growth, much less repayment. The higher education industry has morphed into a bloated, shockingly expensive bureaucracy in never-ending convulsions of political correctness, divorced from the responsibility of providing their graduates any marketable skills to earn a living or contribute to society. This failure of our universities has resulted in millions of college graduates financially paralyzed by default on more than a trillion dollars of student loan debt incurred during years of political indoctrination.

When terrorists attack, our government clamps down on American citizens and starts wars with countries that had nothing to do with the attack. The political establishment of each party is interchangeable with each other, with the same people simply rotating in and out of top positions in Washington, regardless of what voters want. Businesses are shut, we are required to wear masks, and people are banned or restricted from normal human interaction, with these extraordinary government limits held in place regardless of whether people have been vaccinated or already had coronavirus.

This disconnect between political or economic reality and actual reality is unsustainable, and the tightening grip of authoritarianism is undeniable.

As these and other outrages continue unabated, the people have begun asserting themselves on several fronts. But these populist expressions are less about winning the immediate question as about reasserting self-determination over the dictates of our disconnected elites.

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and his base’s support throughout his presidency was not about Donald Trump, personally. It was the reaction to decades of political entitlement and media bias that tell voters who they will vote for instead of responding to and reporting on who they want to vote for. Once elected, both parties govern without regard to the voters who elect them. This is especially true with establishment Republicans, who appear to take pride in flaunting their contempt for the GOP base. This is why never-ending establishment attacks on Trump failed to dislodge his base’s support. Trump was simply the rally point for those refusing to play the establishment’s game any longer.

In the U.K., the Brexit vote was not specifically about immigration, taxes or any other one issue. It was a reaction to citizens’ belief that they had lost control of their nation and culture, and any say in the direction of either. Brexit was also significant for how it revealed the same discontent percolating under the surface in other European Union nations.

The yellow vest protests in France were not about a gas tax. Even after President Macron lifted the tax, the protests continued.

The “GameStop rebellion” against Wall Street is not about money. It is common people seizing an opportunity to strike back at multibillion-dollar hedge funds that, while the financial markets are technically heavily regulated, have operated without any real constraints. Financial elites have spent decades amassing titanic fortunes, destroying companies and growing exponentially as the inflation-adjusted wealth of the middle class shrinks.

The common denominator in all of these events is a critical mass of citizens pushing back against elites when ordinary people believe the institutions have turned against them.

Throughout history, power and money consolidate into an increasingly smaller group of elites from time to time until ordinary people collectively act to reset the balance of power. Globalist elites are using coronavirus as an opportunity for what they call the Great Reset. But the social and political reset that is continuing to organically appear across the West is completely different from what the elites are planning.

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