President Joe's schedule: 'Proceed to Oval Office," etc.

Bloomberg reporter Jordan Fabian got a photo of Joe Biden’s official daily schedule for March 31 and shared it on Twitter.

The guy might find himself in serious trouble as a result. What a riot!

It starts off reminding Biden, clutched carefully in both hands, of his name: “Joseph R. Biden Jr.” Then the all important date: “Wednesday, March 31, 2021.”

The first order of business? “9:30 AM: Joint Tapings With First Lady.”

Note Joe doesn’t have anything scheduled before 9:30 in the morning!

There’s one tell-tale sign on the schedule: “Proceed to Oval Office.” Isn’t that where the president works? What for? He’s only going to be there for five minutes. Is this a potty break?

The taping with the first lady doesn’t tax Joe too much. It lasts only 15 minutes. Then it’s nearly time for lunch to take place precisely at 12:15 sharp followed by a 12:45 “Cabinet Meeting Prep.”

At each moment, Joe carefully checks off every appointment meticulously – so he knows where he is.

What a tough schedule! But a bread trail are his clues to where to go and when, thank goodness.

This might well be the most damning, telling and subversive document of the Biden administration so far. It is a clue to what is needed to keep him on point, for his ongoing charade through his presidency.

Here are some observations by ordinary Americans as to what is missing:

  • No golf
  • No executive time
  • No TV time
  • Nothing there about having important meetings or making many phone calls?
  • Ahhh, the satisfaction of crossing sh– off
  • Well organized, busy man

There’s one mysterious notation on the schedule. It comes at 9:50 before the tapings with the first lady and lunch. It says, somewhat mysteriously, “Hold for Ren.” It raises this comment by one:

“Hold for Ren? What about Stimpy? Is Biden calling Stimpy tomorrow?”

It may be Ron Klain – thought to be the acting president or chief of staff.

More comments:

  • Embarrassment
  • When is nap time?
  • There is no official nap time, so I assume he sleeps at every meeting
  • So pitiful
  • There is no President Biden
  • Pathetic
  • Terrifying
  • Practice going up stairs
  • All he has to do is play the role and do what they say
  • Promote Racism and Victimhood Rest of Day
  • The lights are on but no one’s home
  • Stolen elections have consequences

Here’s some of what Joe missed the day after that schedule, April 1.

“Joe Biden declined the invitation from the Nationals to throw the opening pitch for the baseball season on Thursday. This is a tradition of presidents, his schedule was wide open, so no excuse of scheduling conflicts. We all know the real reason why: He’s not physically able to.”

That’s obvious after Tony Fauci’s foolish pitching exposition. Do you remember that? He threw the ball straight into the ground – he spiked it! Joe was not likely to repeat that performance – or trip on the mound!

And then there is this: “Where are the gutless Republicans with the Articles of Impeachment or the 25th Amendment?”

You’re probably wondering, where’s Kamala?

After all, the vice president is seemingly always near Biden – shadowing him, you might say.

Yet, she’s nowhere at sight in his schedule for March 31. What gives? Is she busy? Did she take on the issue of cleaning up the border? Is she on her way there?

Not a clue.

But Joe was busier than he looked the day before yesterday. What did he do? He chose Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser, to oversee hundreds of federal departments in a push to expand mail-in voting across the country.

Elections do have consequences – especially phony, fraudulent ones.

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