'Pride' month actually something much more sinister, commentator warns

Greta Thunberg (Photo by Frankie Fouganthin courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
Greta Thunberg (Photo by Frankie Fouganthin courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

A new commentary at The Federalist is warning that June, “Pride” month for those of that ideological persuasion, is becoming something much more sinister.

In fact, mandatory.

“Your children will have the same world view as Greta Thunberg, and you will be happy about it,” warns Samuel Mangold-Lenett, a staff editor at The Federalist whose writing has appeared in Daily Wire, Townhall, The American Spectator, and more.

He said “Pride” events include the rainbow lighting of the White House, praising the Nashville shooter and continuing to denigrate religious organizations.

“In this instance, and countless others, the public and private sectors work hand in glove to advance both an ideological and political agenda. When, recently, Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance said that ‘[t]here is no meaningful distinction between the public and the private sector in the United States of America,’ he was describing situations like this, in which state and corporate entities move in lockstep towards common, predetermined goals with such strength and vigor that dissent becomes impossible.”

The point is that “elite” of government and corporate America use their influence to impose “a public-private regime dedicated to immanentizing a disordered eschaton.”

Not only is the ideology promoted, dissent is prevented.

“Things like ESG scores, the Corporate Equality Index, the LGBT indoctrination of children by public schools and entertainment conglomerates like Disney, and pronoun struggle sessions at the State Department make this apparent. Wanting the same outcomes, these institutions invest their vast resources, time, and manpower to coerce the public’s behavior,” he wrote.

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“Sexuality just happens to be one of the more obvious instances in which these people have let their mask slip. Nevertheless, you must get on board or get crushed. You are no longer allowed to opt out; we saw this when Big Tech attacked Gays Against Groomers, presumably for the crime of highlighting the predatory behavior of pederasts,” the column said.

“Objectors to the outcomes of this synthesis of power are met with censorship, violence towards them is treated with nonchalance, and they have their careers and reputations ruined. Loyalty to the regime, of course, is rewarded — as we saw with Jen Psaki’s transition to MSNBC after her stint as White House press secretary.”

The public and private sectors, in situations like this, in fact, “enforce” each others’ goals.

“They are different in name only,” he said. “And only by spreading their message can you reap the benefits; opposing it drastically increases the odds you get your teeth kicked in.”

“What’s the point of all this? Clearly, it isn’t to destigmatize homosexuality in the West; that has already been done.”

He said what it is, is, “to stop you from saying no while the most powerful institutions in the history of the world — the federal government and corporate America — collaborate to force it upon you and your community.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Election denier!” “Science denier!” “Climate-change denier!” “Conspiracy theorist!” And then there’s “hate speech,” “fake news,” “disinformation,” “misinformation,” even something called “MALinformation.” A bizarre new lexicon has been conjured up by America’s elites, the SOLE PURPOSE of which is to discredit and ridicule – and if at all possible, CENSOR ENTIRELY – speech that doesn’t support their increasingly dark and deranged agenda. Tucker Carlson is just the latest.

In the greatest imaginable irony, the nation once boasting the most robust culture of freedom of speech and the press – undergirded by the strongest constitutional protections for those rights – is now ground zero for a total war on free expression.

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