Pro-abortion governor kills funding for maternity homes, adoption credits

(Image by amyelizabethquinn from Pixabay)
(Image by amyelizabethquinn from Pixabay)

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a far-left activist who supports an abortion-for-all agenda, now has taken the stunning steps of removing from her state’s budget most help programs for mothers.

Such as funding for maternity homes, tax credits for adoption, and more.

According to a report in The Federalist, her actions reveal that “she and her fellow Democrats don’t value women – only abortion.”

The report explained how Whitmer vetoed a list of “budget items that assist pregnant women.”

“While post-Dobbs, Whitmer and her fellow Democrats seek to conceal the party’s pro-abortion agenda by pushing state courts to institute the extreme abortion regime they demand, in striking from the budget any spending that has a semblance of supporting the choice of life, Whitmer exposes her party’s abortion-first position,” the report said.

The report continued, “Whitmer’s line-item vetoes … exposed the revolting truth that Democrats prefer abortion to adoption. Here, the Democrat governor struck $2 million in tax credits to adoptive parents and $10 million designed to provide factual information to pregnant women about adoption as an alternative to abortion, including the birth mother’s ability to establish a pre-birth plan.

“No amount of political posturing can overcome the reality seen in the black lines Whitmer used to cross out care for women and their children. And hide as they might behind activist judges, that budget tells the world Whitmer and her fellow Democrats don’t value women, or choice, or health care. They value abortion”

The report noted the Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court that returned regulation of abortion to the states. Democrats in power in various states have been flocking “to state courts with the hope that activist judges would supplant the will of the people by using their raw judicial power to find a right to abortion in the state constitution…”

The report cited Kansas as a case study, because there the Kansas Supreme Court, in a 2019 fight, declared “for the first time” that the state constitution protected the abortion industry.

And Democrats promptly voted against any regulatory plan, revealing that “abortion extremism is the party’s mainstream.”

That court decision in Kansas now is on the fall election ballot, where voters could state there is no state constitutional right to abortion, which would allow restrictions to the present standard of abortion-for-all and at taxpayer expense.

An approving vote would allow lawmakers themselves to adopt rules and regulations.

“Democrats do not want the people to decide abortion policy, however, because they know the populace does not support their party’s extreme abortion-on-demand position, which is why in Kansas, abortion activists pretend a complete abortion ban is on the ballot. Likewise, in Michigan, rather than debate abortion policy and push for legislation to implement the public’s preferences, Whitmer has instead turned to the state Supreme Court to institute an extreme abortion regime through the Michigan constitution, while she and her fellow Democrats sidestep debates over limits on abortions,” The Federalist explained.

“What Whitmer won’t tell the public, though, and what she and her fellow Democrats don’t want Michiganders to know, is that they want an abortion regime that permits abortion on demand for any reason until the moment of birth, paid for by taxpayers.”

The report said, “Whitmer’s stark strike-out from the budget of funds designed to help women choose life or to aid women who have chosen life says it all. The budget items she struck went much beyond assistance to pregnancy resource centers, which since Dobbs have strangely been in Democrats’ crosshairs. Whitmer actually struck $4 million allocated for maternity homes that provide ‘safe housing and comprehensive support services without charge for pregnant women who are without a safe home and in need.’

“Whitmer’s line-item vetoes likewise exposed the revolting truth that Democrats prefer abortion to adoption.”

An accompany report in The Federalist also explained abortion industry interests dislike crisis pregnancy help centers enough to want them destroyed because they are “bad” for the abortion industry.

“Pregnancy centers cut into their profits by taking away clients and siphoning off public funding,” the report said.

“Another reason is that pregnancy centers are the most powerful refutation of abortion. They enable women to endure the difficulties associated with carrying a child and bringing it to term. They provide the material, emotional, and spiritual support necessary to have a baby. Besides giving that child a chance for a healthy and happy life, they do the same for mothers who suffer from abuse, poverty, and several other challenges.”

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