Pro-lifers vow to resist Biden's radical abortion plans

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Joe Biden has been put on notice that his pro-abortion agenda will be resisted.


“The politics advocated by this new administration will help kill innocent, vulnerable preborn children and completely ignore the reality of medical science,” said Lila Rose, founder and president of the pro-life group Live Action.

“Science shows that a human being – with his or her own complete and unique set of DNA – is formed at the moment of fertilization. These human beings deserve equal protection under the law. Codifying Roe v. Wade, abolishing Hyde, and funding abortion with taxpayer dollars would almost immediately lead to more violence against children and harm to their mothers and families.”

She said that amid “the Biden administration’s radical attacks on human life, the pro-life movement will continue to work towards and demand full legal protections for preborn children.”

“We cannot accept the daily death toll of over 2,300 babies killed by abortion,” she said.

“It is the abortion industry’s typical tactic to use political power in order to expand its business and prey on more children and families. As the Biden-Harris administration aligns itself with Big Abortion’s agenda of murder for profit, aiding sex abuse, and trafficking body parts, they should anticipate a relentless fight by those of us who demand that every human being, including the preborn child in the womb, be granted the right to life.”

Biden previously opposed federal abortion funding, but under pressure from Democratic Party activists, he abruptly changed his position on the Hyde Amendment, which has banned public funding to abortionists.

The problem Biden has with abortion isn’t new.

Recently, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops congratulated him on his election and immediately faced a backlash.

The American Life League, a pro-life Catholic organization, slammed the bishops’ organization for letting Biden “spit in the face of Christ.”

Abortion will be only one of the big fights Biden is picking with many Americans.

Democrats long have been supported financially by abortionists.

President Trump took many actions to oppose abortion.

But Biden has said he would like to see a federal law establishing abortion as a “right” so that it would remain legal even if the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Rose said the Biden administration “has pledged to expand government-funded killing of preborn children and to upend long-held protections on life.”

“President Biden and Vice President Harris advocate for taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, plan to rescind the Mexico City Policy and abolish the Hyde Amendment, and seek to codify Roe v. Wade as federal law. The Biden/Harris administration also plans to restore federal funding for abortion goliath Planned Parenthood through Title X’s family planning program, reversing the Trump administration’s rule prohibiting Title X recipients from referring or providing abortions.”

Rose said she and her group are “prepared and determined to take on this battle, but I am also reminded of historic examples of good conquering evil — leaders humbling themselves when they are wrong and waking up to realize the humanity of every child.”

“We’ve seen former abortionists like Dr. Anthony Levatino become pro-life. Our movement stands ready to welcome Biden and Harris into our fight to defend the vulnerable from abortion, should they finally acknowledge the injustice of abortion.”

Michael Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom said his organization joins “with millions of our fellow Americans who are praying for the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden.”

“Many challenges lie ahead, and we pray for the president’s health and safety as he governs this great nation,” he said. “While we are gravely concerned about his campaign positions, we pray that, as president, he would have a change of heart and protect everyone’s God-given freedoms and the sanctity of life from conception until natural death.”

Biden is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, although his position on abortion conflicts with the teaching of the church.

The Daily Signal reported Chuck Donovan of the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute said, “Radical governments of the right and left have engaged in mass killings of their citizens. Acts of terrorism have taken the lives of innocent men, women, and children—even while they were dancing at weddings, sitting in cafes, visiting a hotel, or enjoying a nightclub.

“Such acts are a heinous injustice, and so, too, is the most prosperous country on Earth declaring as a matter of law that the lives of its infant boys and girls are utterly worthless,” he said.

His comments were triggered by the adoption of a law in Massachusetts that “erased the lives of children up to, and likely through, the time of birth.”

Biden also has expressed support for sending more tax money to Planned Parenthood, and has picked California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whose radical pro-abortion agenda has included criminal prosecution of the undercover reporter who exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby-body-parts-for-sale schemes in 2015, for a job in his Cabinet.

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