Public schools are broken. Don't send your kids there

In the recent struggles between school boards and parents on the issue of Critical Race Theory and other radicalized subjects, sometimes it seems teachers are caught in the middle between the demands of school boards and unions on one side, and the demands of the parents on the other – yanked first this way and that, told to do this and told to do that.

But while many teachers genuinely find themselves in such a bind, I recently saw an alarming article: “Over 5,000 teachers sign pledge to defy anti-Critical Race Theory laws.” This stripped the blinders from my eyes for whatever remaining respect I might have had for public education.

What these instructors are saying is they’re determined to indoctrinate the children entrusted to their care with one of the most evil, destructive agendas on record – regardless of state laws or parental objection. The teachers who truly do want to teach (instead of radicalize) are fired, canceled or bullied. One writer termed CRT nothing short of child abuse.

Consider this twit of a teacher: “I do a lot of work with social justice and equity in my classroom. … We have racialized conversations all the time.”

Forget math. Forget science. Just radicalize through “racialized conversations.” Folks, public schools are broken. Don’t send your kids there.

Once upon a time, our public education system was the best in the world (notably, before the NEA got its claws on it). Children were literate and disciplined. Want proof? Take a gander at the eighth-grade final exam from 1895. That’s eighth grade, folks.

This is still what parents want for their children. “There seems to be a common goal among parents on what makes a good public school,” writes Ann Marie Banfield on Granite Grok. “For instance, they want a quality academic program, a safe environment for their children, and parenting left to the parents. It’s not a difficult recipe, and it’s one that we’ve used in the past.”

Is this too much to ask? American taxpayers pay up the whazoo for public education. In return, parents don’t want their children turned into America-hating fascists or professional victims or shrieking activists. They just want their kids to have a sound grounding in math, history, reading, writing, geography and science.

The president of the organization Free to Learn said, “We’re sinking lower and lower in worldwide rankings. We’re seeing activism instead of achievement in schools. 82% of parents we polled said they don’t want politics in the classroom; 71% want core subjects instead of ideology. And of that 71%, 66% self-identified as liberal. People want their kids prepared for the future, independent of politics.”

So now parents are in direct conflict with educators. For months, horrified parents have been protesting at school board meetings. One black father in Michigan absolutely eviscerated the school board. “Critical race theory is teaching that white people are bad. That’s not true. That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil,” he blasted.

A multiracial mother in Nevada – who has multiracial children – also slammed the agenda: “So my white kids are oppressing my black kids? Is that what we’re saying?”

For a little while, I naïvely thought parental objection to the spread of CRT might be making some headway. These brave parents (and thousands of others) receive wild rounds of applause from other parents, but it’s leaving the school boards unmoved. In some cases, parents are facing lawsuits (lawsuits!) or seeing their children expelled for having the audacity to question the agenda. Millions of frustrated parents continue to beat their heads bloody against a brick wall of indifference and hostility, knowing good and well their children will be turned into radicals if they remain in government school.

Folks, public schools are broken. Don’t send your kids there.

Academics are gone. Never mind science, math, history, reading, writing, or geography. Teachers who teach CRT are merely part of the cabal insuring that children of ALL colors emerge from their years of public education unable to add two and two or to read their diplomas – but by golly they can list all the reasons they’re victims and America is a horrible place.

Nearly everyone associated with public education, from the top down, regards parents as bothersome troublemakers who tiresomely interfere with the fascist indoctrination they have planned for the little rug rats. Parents are mocked, ignored, ridiculed, marginalized, taunted, derided, doxed, gaslighted, even sued (and then schools have the temerity to ask for more money because they’re so – sniff – underfunded).

No matter what states may or may not do to guide schools away from this horrifically racist curriculum, schools are going to continue plowing down the path toward the destruction of our nation. Please, I beg you, don’t permit your innocent children to be caught up in the maelstrom.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world, schoolchildren are being taught math, science, history, languages and other critical knowledge. These nations – many of which are hostile toward America – aren’t coddling their youth and turning them into victims. Instead they’re creating people of strength – not all of it benign – who stand poised to unleash devastation upon weaker nations. China makes no bones about its aspirations for global dominance. Should that happen, our wimpified graduates will cower down, bleating about racial oppression and utterly unable to stand up to the aggressors.

Thanks to CRT (among much else) pushed by the left, America has becoming an international laughingstock. Our enemies are rejoicing as they watch the nation’s educational system – and by extension its manufacturing base and productivity – become a mockery of what it once was. We used to be the powerhouse of the world. Today we’re the whiners and weenies of the world.

This reinforces the theory that the left ruins everything it touches. I have not yet seen any evidence to counter that theory.

Bottom line, you can’t know what’s going on behind the closed doors of your child’s classroom. It’s simply too dangerous to entrust your precious children to the designs of these creeps. Don’t do it.

It’s no wonder preschool and kindergarten enrollment has dropped 13% nationally, and public school enrollment in general has dropped 3%. These are encouraging numbers, but it still leaves far too many innocent children caught up in the indoctrination centers.

Public schools are broken. Don’t send your kids there.

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