Public sees Christians losing influence with Biden in White House

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With Joe Biden’s promotion of abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality and other biblical sins during his campaign, many Christians expected headwinds if he were elected.

Now a poll shows half of American adults believe evangelical Christians will lose influence in Washington during the Biden administration.

The Pew Research survey found 63% believe women will gain influence, 60% cite gays and lesbians, 65% blacks, 54% younger people, 53% Hispanics, 48% unions and 50% poor people.

Along with evangelicals, those expected to lose influence are the military 40%, businesses 44% and white people 38%.

Only one in five expects blacks to lose influence and one in 10 expects women and gays and lesbians to lose out.

Only 9% of adults expect evangelicals to gain influence, and 39% say they will be unaffected.

“By sizable margins, more Americans also say business corporations and the military will lose than gain influence, though about a quarter (24%) say corporations will be unaffected and 32% say the same about the military,” the report said.

Pew’s survey of its nationally representative American Trends Panel from Jan. 8-12 included 5,360 adults.

It found a contrast between the public’s views of the groups that will gain or lose influence today with opinions four years ago, at the start of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Many of the groups of people who are now expected to gain influence under Biden, including women, Black people, Hispanics and gays and lesbians, were expected to lose clout with Trump as president.”

The survey report likened Biden’s tenure to Barack Obama’s administration.

“Republicans and Republican leaners are more divided in expectations for most of these groups, with gay and lesbian people a notable exception. Comparable shares of Democrats (63%) and Republicans (60%) say gays and lesbians will gain influence, though 12% of Republicans say they will lose influence versus just 5% of Democrats,” the survey report said. “Republicans are less likely than Democrats to say women and black people will gain influence, though on balance, more Republicans say both groups will gain influence than say they will lose it.”

The report continued: “Overall, large shares across many groups of Americans say the influence of ‘people like yourself’ will not be affected with Biden taking office, but there are some notable differences by race, partisanship and ideology. Among the public overall, 39% of adults say the influence of people like them will not be affected, while a slightly smaller share (36%) say they will lose influence in Washington. About a quarter (24%) say people like them will gain influence. Nearly half of white adults (45%) say people like them will lose influence in Washington, while only 16% say they will gain influence and 39% say they will not be affected.”

Biden’s actions in his first two weeks in the White House show the concerns of Christians were spot on.

He already has issued orders elevating the transgender issue in schools and the military, is preparing to restore taxpayer funding for abortions abroad and pressuring Christian groups to fund abortions for employees.

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