Pump the brakes on deifying Elon Musk, please

So Elon Musk has (all but) purchased Twitter with the intent to take it private and open up the platform to actual free speech for about everyone.

I say “about” everyone, because it remains to be seen whether president Trump and others will be allowed back in, regardless of whether or not Trump wishes to re-up now that he’s begun Truth Social.

The left is positively apoplectic over the Musk “hostile takeover,” despite it being decidedly NOT a hostile takeover. Simultaneously, the right is positively giddy over this huge “win” over the left.

But is it? And more importantly, should Musk be trusted and treated as if he were the second coming of Calvin Coolidge?

Many on the right are pessimists, and for good reason, at least outwardly or on the surface. It seems like practically the only things we see and hear are constant offenses to our values and way of life. It’s an incessant march down the lunacy rabbit hole of radical leftism.

The media make it seem as if we are losing at every turn – that we are so substantially outnumbered than it’s futile to continue to fight. Many on the right buy into this myth, so much so that we glom onto anyone who appears to be fighting for us, or even appears to wake up to the lies of the left and seems to side with us on just one topic.

And for or this, we elevate him or her to hero status and suggest a bust on the conservative Mt. Rushmore or something.

Not that I don’t appreciate what Musk intends to do with Twitter, I do. It’s just that the conservative community as a whole needs to take a step back, thank him for his effort and move on to other fights.

Musk plans to do a good thing by neutralizing this single platform, but it’s not like he’s had a conservative conversion, or a come to Jesus moment.

I mean, as far as I know, Musk still plans to set up a colony on Mars, not just to prove that it can be done, but to escape the ravages of man-caused “global warming.” This is not exactly a critical-thinking conservative point of view. Neither is it backed by any real science.

As I said, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what Musk claims he’s going to do with Twitter. I hope he follows through. That’s not my beef with the man. My problem with Musk has always been how he became the planet’s richest man.

For want of a better term, he is history’s richest welfare recipient. My beef is that neither the Tesla nor any other electric vehicle had a prayer of getting off the ground without relying on government largess. We the taxpayer, through government subsidies of electric cars and battery technology, made Elon Musk what he is today.

Over the years, Musk’s various businesses have garnered many billions in government subsidies, tax breaks and handouts. Not exactly the free-market model we should elevate.

Is he a genius? Hell yeah he is, and a visionary. But I’ll bet there have been a lot of visionary geniuses that didn’t get the opportunity to be picked as a winner by government benefactors. It’s what government does – pick winners and losers.

And the funny thing is that the left, maybe until now, never appeared to have a problem with him becoming the richest man in the world. Just make him an oil magnate instead of Mr. Green and watch what would happen.

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