Pushing kids into 'transitioning' is child abuse

It’s difficult to imagine in the ever-present fog of America’s raging culture war, but it wasn’t many years ago that our “One Nation Under God” used to care about a sexual-identity crisis in a child who may have desired to “transition” to a different gender.

A decade ago, responsible adults – including those in the medical and educational communities – didn’t rush to “transition” children, or push them into the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. Such acts were not at all considered “brave,” let alone celebrated with an entire month of flamboyant and often concupiscent “Pride.”

I’m old enough to remember a time when there was nothing particularly “hateful” about counseling from loving parents, caring doctors, psychologists and clergy. That would have been the very definition of caring. Anything short of such adult responsibility would have been considered an unconscionable betrayal.

As recently as November 2016, Tia Powell, M.D., Sophia Shapiro, M.D., and Ed Stein, J.D., Ph.D., wrote in the AMA Journal of Ethics the following:

“Many in the LGBT community rely on arguments that we refer to collectively as ‘born that way’ arguments, namely, arguments for LGBT rights based on the idea that sexual orientation and gender identity are innate, immutable, or unassociated with choice. Two of the authors (TP and ES) have previously addressed the difficulties of using ‘born that way’ arguments in relation to sexual orientation. We now extend that critique to arguments for transgender rights. We argue that ‘born that way’ arguments rely on both shaky science and imperfect logic, and thus fail to provide a solid basis for transgender rights. …”

Today such honest and biologically pragmatic discussions would be grounds to be run out of the medical profession on a rail by American Marxists, and by that I mean the progressive left. But six years ago these three reasoned professionals could not have possibly envisioned the limitless number of bewildering “born that way” gender decisions today’s children would need to make on their own.

And little did these doctors know just how much lengthier the outdated LGBT acronym would become in a few short years. Without “plus signs” it will soon consume the entire alphabet.

“Brave” kids culturally rewarded for questioning their sexual identity – encouraged to do just that by adults they should be able to implicitly trust – are suddenly rushed into “celebrated” life-altering decisions that few grown-ups could possibly navigate in an informed way, let alone while still in cognitive development.

It’s cruel and abusive. We used to call such things “child abuse.”

One thing has become abundantly clear, however. Such questioning children have become unfortunate political pawns in the wrong place at the wrong time in America’s history, cudgels in the hands of partisans determined to use them to bludgeon people who embrace Judeo-Christian values and to “win” at any cost, including at the unspeakable cost of these innocent, trusting kids.

I suppose one way of looking at the cultural tragedy uniquely befalling their generation is that they should count themselves fortunate they weren’t aborted by the same individuals that so vociferously advocate for their “transition.” Regrettably however, many are smart enough to figure out that their young life has about as much value to the party that pretends to “care about them” as the discarded fetus they might have been – some 70 million and counting, also sacrificed for largely partisan purposes.

It’s the most morally bankrupt, cynical and culturally catastrophic worldview ever put on an unsuspecting generation who deserves better. So, in light of this tragic “new normal” for America’s confused children, I have a very sincere question for the political left: Are your children really worth the political “win”? (And please don’t spend your eternity pondering this simple question.)

I’m sorry to have to point out the obvious, but adults who should know better have betrayed America’s youth at the deepest possible level. Their own nation has completely broken trust with them.

And far too many of these trusting young people are paying the ultimate price for the culture war they’ve innocently stumbled into in the form of difficult or impossible attempts to “de-transition,” attempts to deaden their mental anguish from uninformed and rushed medical decisions, or worse, as we continue to face down the highest teen suicide rate in American history.

God, please forgive us for sacrificing the national treasure of our children on the blood-stained altar of ill-gotten political gain. Our “Nation Under God” should at least attempt to live again like there is a just God who will one day judge each of us for betraying the most innocent among us. Please stop the madness.

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