Railroaded J6 political prisoner teaching Constitution to hardcore criminals

Joe Biggs (Video screenshot)
Joseph Biggs

WASHINGTON – The Federal Bureau of Prisons has barred J6 prisoner Joseph Biggs – a decorated war veteran and former Infowars reporter, but branded an imminent threat to national security by the Biden administration – from legally speaking to the American public, lawyers and other sources close to Biggs tell WND.

The years-long ongoing process of destroying Biggs’ free speech since his arrest has only become more severe in prison.

A decision on Biggs’ part to personally divulge even minute details about his case, or of his current incarcerated life as a “domestic terrorist,” could result in the immediate revocation of the few privileges – phone calls, the ability to leave his prison cell, visitation, even food – lawyers tell WND.

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With the FBI employing the Bureau of Prisons to essentially torture the political hostages, speaking out or even providing WND with a comment for publication could result in a brutal beatdown by correctional officers and Biggs’ return to isolation in solitary confinement.

Media interviews require clearance by the U.S. Marshals Service, which facilitates the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ strict regulations that strip inmates of their constitutional rights.

Nearly all the prisoners incarcerated in FCI Talladega, an Alabama federal correctional facility where Biggs is currently housed, are serving decades in prison for homicide, rape, robbery, pedophilia and other heinous crimes.

Thus, the other inmates there were shocked and intrigued to find out that a former Army staff sergeant, who earned two purple hearts in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and later became a well-known talk-show host, was now a political hostage and sentenced to 17 years in prison for walking through the Capitol building for approximately 15 minutes during the “Stop the Steal” protest on Jan. 6, 2021.

Contrary to the narrative disseminated by the corporate media, it quickly emerged that the former Proud Boys leader is no “white supremacist” or “Nazi.”

Like nearly every high-profile Jan. 6 defendant that refused to cooperate with the government before being sentenced or accepting a plea deal that would directly incriminate former President Donald Trump, Biggs paid a big price. In his case, he was  locked in solitary confinement in a 6-by-8-foot, freezing-cold cell with no windows and practically starved for 17 months in the Alexandria Detention Facility.

At any time, he could have complied with prosecutorial coercion and accepted a plea arrangement that would have resulted either in his release, or a reduced sentence. But, as Biggs saw it, he chose to be persecuted rather than sell his soul.

Last October, Biggs was “black-box” cuffed for weeks and stranded on a bus while being transferred from a Philadelphia jail to prison, a haunting journey that the government is prohibiting him from telling the world about.

He prayed the torture he endured at that time would not take his life.

Other transfers from jail to jail throughout a two-year pretrial detention period were indescribably excruciating. At times he and his co-defendants languished for days on a bus, starved in the box cuffs and resigned to urinating on themselves as the U.S. Marshals ignored their pleas for a simple trip to the bathroom.

But on the last trip from jail to prison, the box cuffs badly cut into Bigg’s wrists.

The Bureau of Prisons uses frequent forced travel as a form of indoctrination into its system of “psychological torture,” cynically referred to by insiders as “diesel therapy.”

For weeks, months or even as long as a whole year, inmates would go missing while being driven or flown all over the country with chains wrapped around their waist. The ends of the chains are anchored to a rectangular, black metal box.

Their hands are cuffed as well – also anchored in the box in a tightly fitting restraint system.

Food is sometimes provided, but served in small bags that make eating difficult for lack of sufficient mobility. Often the black box causes prisoners’ hands to swell because their blood can’t circulate.

Adjusting to his first-ever stint in prison and recovering from the psychological torture, Biggs, a combat veteran, has kept to himself and consumes one book after another – as many as possible.

But most prisons have been defunded. There is no law library – nothing for education or entertainment except staring at a wall, and perhaps reading letters of encouragement sent from the few strangers across the country who take time to write to the political prisoners.

Among the inmates currently surrounding Biggs in FCI Talladega, most plagued with disturbing criminal histories, Biggs is a leader and inspiration.

His surprisingly warm reception in the “correctional” facility has prompted Biggs to begin executing the goal he vowed would become his life’s work, before he was found guilty of “seditious conspiracy”: He now sees constructively using the tragic circumstances in which he finds himself for having protested the theft of the 2020 presidential election as an opportunity to do good: Not just to push for prison reform, but to teach other prisoners about the U.S. Constitution and the American system that is rapidly being destroyed by the same forces that are putting hundreds of innocent patriots in prison.

Indeed, just like a large portion of lifelong Democrats across the nation, many of the inmates in the Alabama prison now support Trump and have recently abandoned their longtime support of the Democrat Party.

Many barely finished high school and reportedly have very little understanding of basic American history or of the U.S. Constitution.

Editor’s note to WND readers: Please consider sending decorated veteran and J6 political prisoner Joseph Biggs books that will allow him to teach and spearhead a curriculum that facilitates actual rehabilitation of a kind not generally available in correctional facilities. In particular, it is known that Biggs would like any and all books by conservative commentator, writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. All books MUST come directly from Amazon or other online sellers, and not directly from the sender or they will not be delivered.

Please send books (directly from Amazon or other online book seller) and write letters of support to Joseph Biggs at the following address:

Joseph (Joe) Randall Biggs
FCI Talladega
Federal Correctional Institution
P.M.B 1000
Talladega, AL 35160

Why was Biggs arrested on Jan. 6?

On Jan. 6, 2021, Biggs was among the first large group of demonstrators surrounding the West side of the U.S. Capitol building. Demonstrators pushed over flimsy bike racks that were placed as a barrier to the building along with approximately a dozen police.

Then Biggs, three of his co-defendants affiliated with the Proud Boys – Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl and Dominic Pezzola – and hundreds of other protesters rallied outside of the Capitol building.

Approximately 20 minutes after the bike racks were toppled over – the moment the government calls “the first breach” – law enforcement officials began firing deadly “nonlethal” munitions at their heads.


As WND has exclusively reported, excessive force expert Steven Hill, who has evaluated thousands of hours of J6 video footage and testified under oath in defense of J6 defendants during trial in the federal courthouse, contends that at least 5 demonstrators were shot in the head or face during the first round of “nonlethal” munitions fired by police, including Joshua Black and Michael Dickinson.

Cops proceeded to indiscriminately toss canisters of CS gas and flash grenades at the crowd, but never issued a dispersal order.

Biggs walked around the Capitol building for approximately 15 minutes after dodging munitions, then went back into the building to help someone find their son – and then left the Capitol premises.

Incredibly, the government appealed Biggs’ sentence, seeking a staggering 33-year prison sentence after he was already sentenced to 17 years of incarceration.

The “seditious conspiracy” conviction has stripped Biggs of his military benefits, leaving his mother, who is battling cancer as she raises his now 6-year-old daughter, in a state of financial despair.

Defense attorney Stephen Metcalf, a lawyer representing fellow Proud Boy and J6 prisoner Dominic Pezzola, says he suspects U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly, in tandem with the government, deliberately designated the Proud Boys as “terrorists” to assure the Bureau of Prisons would subject them to harsher conditions than the murderers and rapists with whom they would be incarcerated.

“The terror enhancements Judge Kelly added to their sentences is certainly a major factor in how the BOP assesses these defendants,” Metcalf, Pezzola’s lawyer, told The Gateway Pundit.

“Why do you think they got those classifications? To everybody else, the terrorist label means nothing,” he said, “but for the people inside those facilities, this means everything –everything they need to justify whatever abuses they are doing to them.”

WND readers can support Joseph Biggs’ legal appeal here.

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One groundbreaking peer-reviewed study published in 2023 documents how left-wing extremism is closely associated with “psychopathic tendencies.” Likewise, retired psychiatrist Brad Lyles, M.D., explains how “one way of understanding the increasingly outlandish beliefs and behaviors of the left is through the lens of Borderline Personality Disorder.” And one of America’s top forensic psychiatrists, Lyle Rossiter, M.D., described Barack Obama’s mental state as “Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

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