Rasmussen: 8 of 10 Dems say 2020 was stinky year

Joe Biden at the Democrats’ debate in Las Vegas on Feb. 19, 2020 (MSNBC screenshot)

Eight of 10 Democrats in a new poll say they think 2020 was a stinky year.

Even after they were told by legacy media that their candidate, the basement-occupying and verbal gaffe-prone Joe Biden, won the White House.

But maybe they have reasons.

After all, their much-hated President Trump – they launched a Russian collusion conspiracy theory against him even before he took office and then tried to impeach and remove him based on a telephone call – had considerable successes.

He pushed the pharmaceutical industry into creating COVID-19 vaccines – several of them – in the stunningly short time of less than a year.

He accomplished the Abraham Accords – those peace deals between Israel and several of its Arab neighbors, something that has been sought for decades but never before accomplished.

His work on the economy before the COVID-19 pandemic pushed unemployment levels for many groups down to record lows, and even afterward it was in the range of about 6 or 7 percent. One quarter’s growth after the pandemic reached a startling 33%.

He fought for, and got, significant improvements in America’s trade deals.

He struck out at – and destroyed – terrorists.

Now Rasmussen reports that 59% of American adults consider 2020 a poor year, “by far the worst rating a year has received in over a decade.”

A fractional 5% say it was one of the best years ever and 14% say it was good or excellent.

The survey of 790 American Adults was conducted December 30, 2020 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

“The older the adult, the more critical they are of 2020 and the more pessimistic they are about 2021,” the report said.

But majorities in nearly all demographics think it was bad.

Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard explained, “So much for Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. An unheard of 80% of Democrats consider 2020 a stinky year. Of that, 68% slapped it as ‘poor.'”

Large numbers also have low expectations for 2021.

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