Rasmussen's startling good/bad news for Joe Biden

President Donald J. Trump walks from the Oval Office to the South Lawn of White House to board Marine One for Joint Base Andrews Maryland Friday, June 5, 2020, to begin his trip to Bangor, Maine. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

Rasmussen on Friday released a startling good news/bad news report for Joe Biden.

The good news is that most Americans, 51% of respondents, have “at least a somewhat favorable opinion” of him.

Bad news? MORE like President Trump.

“There’s good news and bad news for President Joe Biden. The good news is that most voters have a favorable opinion of him. The bad news is that his numbers aren’t better than former President Donald Trump’s, and are worse than former President Barack Obama’s,” the polling organization reported.

Rasmussen reported 51% of Likely U.S. Voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Biden, including 33% whose opinion is Very Favorable. But 48% view Biden unfavorably, including 39% who have a Very Unfavorable opinion of him.

The polling from July 21-22 interviewed 1,000 people and has a margin of error of 3%, with a 95 percent confidence level.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column pointed out Trump’s favorability is 52%, and Barack Obama’s is 55%.

“Comparing voter opinions of Biden and his two predecessors across demographic categories, the current president suffers from more intense disapproval by Republicans and doesn’t have the kind of strong support from black voters that benefited Obama,” the survey said.

Rasmussen reported 65% of Republicans have a “Very Unfavorable” opinion of Biden, while that number was 47% among Republicans for Obama.

“And while 57% of black voters have ‘Very Favorable’ opinion of Obama, only 45% of black voters have a ‘Very Favorable’ of Biden,” Rasmussen said. “Perhaps more significantly, the percentage of black voters who have a ‘Very Unfavorable’ view of Biden (19%) is more than twice as large as the number of black voters whose opinion of Obama is ‘Very Unfavorable’ (9%).”

Unaffiliated voters gave a “Very Unfavorable” rating to Biden 39% of the time.

Trump, of course, was hounded by both Democrats and the legacy media throughout his four years in office, with the years-long now-debunked “Russia collusion” claims propagated by both, the twice-failed impeach-and-remove attempts by Democrats, the media campaigns against Trump that saw reporters routinely disrespecting him and more.

Biden’s presidency has been greeted by legacy media with adulation and fawning, including repeatedly asking him what kind of ice cream he’s eating, instead of pertinent queries about policy and practice.

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