More and more we are seeing the authoritarian boot of government negatively affect our lives in the United States. One could say that it’s not just here – it’s everywhere.

That’s true, but I don’t live “everywhere.” And “everywhere” doesn’t have the same God-given, constitutionally affirmed rights that we have – or at least, until recently, had.

Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is a disclaimer that these rights can be suspended. “In Case of Emergency – Break Glass, Suspend Rights.” But I guess that doesn’t matter any more.

Now it seems, “my body, my choice,” is out the window, as the public and private sectors are increasing their demands that everyone be vaccinated – or else!

And don’t ask, “or else what?” You won’t like the answer.

In the private sector, corporations have begun defining the, “or else,” to be your firing. Get jabbed or else you’re fired. And as has become closed-minded conventional wisdom, no quarter is given to anyone with a proven prior infection resulting in natural immunity.

This despite no less than 15 studies by preeminent facilities worldwide that prove conclusively that natural immunity is more robust and much longer lasting than any vaccine to date.

There simply is no logic or science to support this dictatorial lunacy. But there was never (and still isn’t) any logic, reason or science behind mask mandates and lockdowns either – so what do we expect?

Tyrants are tyrants no matter where they reside. We gave them the inch by going along with their bull-crap mandates early on, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re now taking that nautical mile (which is longer than a mile).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just put ots stamp of approval on the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The left can hardly contain their joy over this news.

This is a highly unusual move by the FDA.

But given the plethora of demonstrable lies told by every other governmental “science” agency – the NIH, the CDC, WHO, etc. – why would anyone in his right mind trust the Food and Drug Administration? Are the bureaucrats there somehow beyond reproach? Are they incapable of being politicized?

Well, there is this little tidbit. It’s so trivial that I’m almost embarrassed to bring it up. I’m sure you’ll agree with its coincidental insignificance.

Dr. Scott Gotlieb, former director of the FDA, now sits on the Pfizer Board of Directors. But like I said, move along – nothing to see here.

The first COVID shot was administered on Dec. 14, 2020 – just nine months ago.

Vaccines typically take a minimum of five years for FDA approval. However, the majority of well-known vaccines literally took multiple decades to be developed and approved.

This has been a knock on the FDA for decades – that those who work on approvals are too methodical and meticulous relative to, say, their European counterparts. Their response has been that they just want to make sure. Do you want it right or fast? You can’t have both.

But now, magically, you can – but just for COVID. It’s a miracle!

Oh, and as an aside, don’t try the “I identify as being vaccinated” line. The authoritarians don’t take kindly to it, as they’ve all evidently had their senses of humor and irony surgically removed.

This brings me to a real-world example of the lunacy that has gripped us. And this is especially disconcerting as it involves scientists who should know better, or at least be more open to the “scientific method.”

A close and unnamed relative of mine is currently experiencing at problem at work. He or she works in a laboratory at this company and remains unvaccinated. The lab is insisting that everyone either be vaccinated or agree to regular PCR tests.

The FDA, the same agency that just approved a vaccine after only nine months, also says that, “PCR tests are generally considered the ‘gold standard’ for detecting COVID-19.”

Now I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be a scientist, but I evidently understand the PCR better than most.

Fact is the PCR test only gives you half the information you need to determine whether you “have” the active COVID-19 virus. It can only determine whether that strain of virus is present in your system.

Well, isn’t that what it’s all about? No, no it’s not. What it doesn’t tell you is if the virus is actually living and replicating, only that it’s there. A cell-based assay will tell you if the virus is alive.

In other words, my relative’s job could be at stake over a PCR test that really doesn’t tell anyone anything useful and despite being in an age category that is extremely low risk. But when he or she presented the option of a cell-based assay or a blood serum test for natural immunity, they looked at him or her as if there were something highly improper about the request.

It seems critical thinking and questioning authority is simply no longer allowed, and in an industry that used to promote curiosity. It’s a damn shame.

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