Remaining election-security issues mean U.S. 'not ready' for 2024 vote


(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

The chief of the Amistad Project, one of the organizations that has been seeking for American voters the integrity of their coming elections after the problems that developed during the 2020 presidential race, is warning that much work remains.

And so the nation is not ready for the 2024 presidential race.

The comments from Amistad Project chief Phill Kline came in an interview with John Solomon and Amanda Head of the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show.

While Democrats and other leftists across American have claimed the 2020 presidential election essentially was without flaw, the reality is that there were several influences that probably affected the outcome.

One was the hundreds of millions of dollars Mark Zuckerberg handed over the elections officials who then used that money – which was entirely outside any regulation concern campaign financing – to turn out voters likely to support Joe Biden.

One study concluded that actually means the 2020 result was “bought” for Biden.

Another factor was that state and sometimes local elections officials simply disregard their own state laws regarding ballots in order to “accommodate” ballots during COVID-19. One state court since then has ruled that that action simply was illegal.

Thirdly, legacy and social media worked together in the days just before the election to suppress accurate – but very damaging – reporting about the Biden family’s overseas business operations, and the paychecks that were being delivered.

Again, a survey found that had that information been delivered generally to voters, Biden would not have won.

In the interview, Kline explained that Georgia lawmakers adopted a law banning private money in elections, but because of the lack of clarity in the wording of the law, “They actually codified it.”

Such issues remain, he said, “so we are not ready for 2024.”

“We still have many of the same problems,” he explained, because lawmakers haven’t yet taken “the time to understand the problem.”

He pointed out the $350 million Zuckerberg gave to an organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life to hand out to recruit Democrats was only “about one-third of the total money that went into the private management of government election offices to turn them into get-out-the-vote centers for Joe Biden – improperly so.”

The organizations also gave services to government officials that equaled the money they gave, he noted.

“These multimedia advertisers and social media groups that crunch data identify … likely Biden voters using sophisticated advertising techniques, move into the government offices and say, ‘Hey, we’re here to help. Let us help you turn out the voter.’ And they target a Biden voter for special government services, where those who are likely to vote for Trump don’t get the same service,” he said.

So voters and ballots are treated differently, a problem that remains to be addressed.

He said the 2022 elections look a little more secure because it’s harder for leftists to carry out their scheme during midterms, “because of what they need to do is eviscerate the laws — unilaterally change them — and then have election and ideological conformity in the management of the election.”

Those who document problems in the 2020 election mostly have been demonized with claims that there’s not evidence of “widespread” voter fraud. But several states had conceded there were problems in 2020.

“For instance, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has ruled election regulators unlawfully allowed tens of thousands of absentee voters to skip voter ID checks by claiming they were ‘indefinitely confined’ by the pandemic without suffering from a disability. And Wisconsin’s legislative audit bureau found numerous other rule changes were made that were not approved by the state legislature,” Just the News reported. “In Arizona, an audit called into question more than 50,000 ballots cast in the November 2020 election, while in Georgia, state election officials have uncovered such widespread mismanagement in vote counting in Fulton County that they have begun a process to have the state run future elections in the locality that includes the city of Atlanta.”

It was an analysis at The Federalist that confirmed Zuckerberg’s money was used “to manipulate the 2020 election in favor of President Joe Biden.”

Which was to have been expected since those who were handing out the cash “are not technology-focused individuals who incidentally pushed ‘left of center’ voting policies. They are far-left radicals who have repeatedly expressed contempt for the rule of law in U.S. elections, and bitter contempt for conservative politicians and the tens of millions of Americans who vote for them,” the report said.

The report explained the founders of CTCL expressed their desire to disrupt the electoral system in favor of far-left candidates.

WND columnist Michelle Malkin earlier explained, “There is nothing ‘nonpartisan’ about CTCL’s enterprise. The Center’s top staff (many of them Barack Obama campaign tech gurus) come from a now-defunct liberal nonprofit called the New Organizing Institute, whose far-left donors include George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies. CTCL director Tiana Epps-Johnson is a former Obama Foundation fellow. Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, author of ‘The Citizens’ Guide to Beating Trump,’ worked for Zuckerberg’s foundation.”

In fact, the Amistad Project had sued before the election over the “partisan grant scheme” operated by CTCL.

Kline charged then that CTCL was using Zuckerberg’s money to “influence the process for partisan advantage.”

Previously, Kline pointed out how Americans are facing an “elitism” that is posing a threat to the nation’s heritage of free speech and expression.

In a column at Real Clear Politics, Kline, a former Kansas attorney general, said, “The impulse to dodge criticism and shirk responsibility, and in some cases even criminalize dissent, is most evident in the context of the debate over election integrity. In Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, government officials have treated public criticism with contempt and gone on the attack against anyone who dares to question their conduct.”

He also was in the hunt when one state’s ballot totals came under question.

He said like Georgia, there were similar concerns in Detroit, Philadelphia, Green Bay and other major urban centers in swing states “where tens of thousands of ballots were interpreted and counted by review panels. This happens every year. But in 2020 laws requiring both parties to review this process weren’t followed.”

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