Report: DOJ could decide to go for 'significant fine' against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden seen in a bathtub with a cigarette in his mouth
Hunter Biden seen in a bathtub with a cigarette in his mouth

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The Joe Biden Department of Justice could be deciding soon whether it will be filing charges – criminal or civil – as a result of its multiyear investigation into tax issues involving son Hunter Biden, or whether it will seek a “settlement that could include a significant fine.”

That’s according to a report in the New York Times, which profiled Hollywood wheeler-dealer Kevin Morris, who reportedly loaned Hunter Biden some $2 million to pay the back taxes he owed, and make it look better for the younger Biden should any case develop.

The report said the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s schemes “appears to be coming to a head.”

“Justice Department prosecutors have met in recent weeks to discuss whether to move forward with the case. In the coming months, the department is expected to make a final decision about whether to bring criminal or civil charges, or to reach some sort of settlement…”

Such a decision would have to be rubberstamped by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, and, “Hovering over it is the possibility that Republicans will win control of Congress in November and immediately begin investigations into Hunter Biden and how the Justice Department handled the case,” the report said.

The White House claims it has no role in “advising Hunter Biden on his legal problems or on his public messaging,” the report said.

But the report did explain the background: “Hunter Biden has a long history of seeking employment or profit in areas that overlapped with his father’s public duties and doing business with questionable partners around the world, including in Ukraine. His extensive and well-publicized personal travails — including addiction to crack cocaine, divorce, a relationship with his brother’s widow and money problems — have spilled into politics.”

That has given weight to efforts that would link Hunter Biden’s business dealings to his father, and what is known is that in one of Hunter’s China deals, the “big guy,” identified as Joe Biden, was penciled in for 10%.

Joe Biden actively intervened, too, when Hunter was being paid millions by a possibly corrupt Ukrainian gas company under investigation by that nation’s prosecutor.

Biden, then vice president for Barack Obama, went over and threatened Ukrainian officials with the loss of a billion dollars in American aid if they didn’t fire the prosecutor.

They did, and Joe Biden came back to brag about it.

The Washington Examiner said, “[Hunter] Biden’s financial affairs, including millions of dollars’ worth of dealings and money transfers tied to countries such as Ukraine, China, and Russia, have been under federal scrutiny since 2018. Some of the files associated with a laptop believed to have belonged to Biden are being scrutinized for ‘possible violations of tax, money laundering and foreign-lobbying laws,’ according to the report.”

WND previously reported on Morris’ apparent loan to Hunter Biden for the tax delinquency.

Morris also has been funding Hunter Biden’s “lifestyle” in Los Angeles, such as rent and living expenses, the report in the New York Post explained.

But reports have said investigators are reviewing whether Hunter Biden’s international business schemes “intersected with President Biden’s political career.”

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