Report: Liz Cheney's husband works at firm representing dictatorial regimes


U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., in January 2021. (Video screenshot)
U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., in January 2021. (Video screenshot)

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., has a problem.

And it’s not just the fact that she openly has opposed and obstructed President Trump, blasting him for his political opinions and actions and voting to remove him from the White House – after his term had ended.

She is, after all, part of the never-Trump faction in the GOP that didn’t want him in office in the 2016 election and is fighting to keep him out of the 2024 race. She’s, in fact, part of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s special leftist and partisan committee trying to pin the blame for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol on Trump and his party.

For that, she’s facing an uphill climb in her re-election effort.

But the problem she’s facing now is her husband. And his company’s work. For Chinese companies.

It is Just the News that investigated and is reporting Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, is a partner at Latham & Watkins, a huge law firm that “works on behalf of foreign entities, including some flagged as threats to U.S. national security.”

While Cheney, the report said, has demanded the U.S. stand up to the threat posed by China, “her husband’s law firm was working on behalf of companies linked to China’s military, intelligence, and security services,” the report confirmed.

All of the work done by Latham & Watkins “was legal,” the report said, but he’s a partner at the firm and benefits from its operations.

Perry’s firm’s work includes that work for Chinese entities and countries whose human rights abuses and authoritarian rule have troubled the U.S. for years. It seems to conflict with his wife’s frequent calls for America to stand up to autocratic regimes like China, the article said.

“It’s the kind of say one thing do another that Americans hate in Washington, D.C.,” Mark Meadows, formerly Trump’s White House chief of staff, told Just the News. “Liz Cheney will have a lot of explaining to do to the Wyoming voters.”

It was a report from the congressional China Task Force, which incidentally included Cheney, that said in 2020 there are threats from China’s ruling Communist Party.

“China is rapidly developing a military force that is capable of winning regional conflicts and they’re expanding their military footprint globally,” she even confirmed. “The government of China and the Chinese Communist Party have gone to school on the United States — they’ve looked at our capabilities … and they have developed capabilities to counter those.”

She said American must counter the communists because it comes down to a fight between freedom and totalitarianism.

But just weeks before those comments, Just the News reported, her husband’s firm was advising Tencent, the giant Chinese tech company, on becoming a shareholder in Voodoo, a video game developer.

And shortly after, “LW represented Tencent on a merger between two companies that formed a wholly owned subsidiary under Tencent’s umbrella,” the report said.

But, Just the News said, “Tencent is one of 15 companies designated by Beijing ‘to facilitate industry-wide coordination’ with the Chinese government on artificial intelligence (AI), according to a Pentagon report to Congress from last year.”

And the CIA found Tencent got funding from the Chinese Ministry of State Security, even though the company denied it. And an advisory organization found ties between Tencent and China’s war machinery organizations.

“While the U.S. government often twists itself into knots determining what is classified or unclassified, the Chinese government often sees little-to-no distinction,” Craig Singleton, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Just the News. “Instead, Beijing is focused on collecting and harnessing any and all useful information to power its defense modernization. This includes everything from foundational knowledge taught on U.S. college campuses to cutting edge research, much of which is not technically classified but still has potential military applications.”

Further, LW had advised companies working with Alibaba, another Chinese Communist tech company working on military applications.

Just the News said, “The Pentagon and State Department have long been concerned about Alibaba and Tencent sharing data on U.S. citizens with the Chinese government. Last year, the Trump administration considered prohibiting Americans from investing in either company over its alleged ties to China’s military and security services but ultimately shelved the plan after the Treasury Department expressed concerns that doing so would trigger widespread economic fallout.”

The investigative report also confirmed the firm as done both legal and lobbying for many other companies in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

“Well, I guess Joe Biden and Hunter Biden aren’t the only politicians in the swamp who are doing deals with the Chinese Communist Party,” Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., said during a “Just the News” television interview.

“It’s exactly the kind of thing that everyday Americans are sick and tired of.”

The report pointed out, “Beyond China, LW has aided other foreign entities under scrutiny for their human rights records.”

Those operations involved companies in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others identified by Human Rights Watch has having restrictions on “freedom of assembly, speech, and religion.”

Perry told Just the News he hasn’t personally represented China or an entity owned by China, Kazakhstan, or Belarus, nor has he registered on behalf of any foreign entity.

“At the same time, however, her husband has been earning money as a partner at LW, which boasts being the second highest grossing law firm in the world. According to LW, its profit per equity partner is $4,520,000,” Just the News pointed out.

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