Republicans: Like Philistines invoking God's name

Politicians as a whole are less trustworthy than the slimiest of used car salesmen. (My apologies to slimy used car salesmen.) They’re more sinister and underhanded than Satan’s most celebrated minions. In fact that is exactly what they are.

Republicans are worse than Democrats, because Democrats are proven pernicious, congenital, pathological liars. Democrats have an unimpeachable record of promoting slavery, Jim Crow, baby killing, reprobate sexual perversion and deconstruction of America’s most valued institutions, beginning with the family and the church. However, we expect Republicans to respect and uphold the Constitution, the family, the church, national sovereignty, our borders and so on.

Which makes the point I have argued for many years: Republicans aren’t there to serve We the People or the country. They’re in office to get rich serving the interests of the nefarious entities that manipulate outcomes and incomes.

Republicans near en masse worked harder to obstruct President Trump than they worked to secure Joe Biden’s defeat.

Speaking of Biden, what kind of people could support a person like him? How does one support a person so base, boorish and dishonest? How do a people who are supposed to be pro-women and pro-empowering women support a man who is part of the liberal political patriarchy responsible for abusing and dishonoring women?

Democrats have set a new standard of commonality for presidential wives and now vice president. Hillary Clinton is a wild-eyed, screeching, low-self-esteemed caricature of a woman – a venomous, mean-spirited human being. She has suffered a life of public humiliation. Even worse, she was made to defend the man responsible for her repeated public humiliation.

The Obama woman was … well, a grotesquely unattractive, uncouth, racist harridan who reduced poor personal appearance instincts to painful new lows. But! Now comes Harris.

Kamala Harris combines the worse qualities of Hillary and the Obama woman, and she’s lauded for it. She’s a rabid liar. She’s an avowed neo-Leninist, and she’s shameless in her public display of whoredom with married men for political gain, specifically California politician and political influencer Willie Brown. What parents in their right mind would want any one of these women to be the model for their daughters?

But, back to the Republicans. They participated in a betrayal that would make Macbeth proud. They resisted President Trump’s agenda his entire term. Then they betrayed and abandoned him, hiding behind the lie that he incited a riot. One remembers, however, their cacophony of silence as cities across America burned to the ground, businesses were shuttered, and Americans lost their lives at the hands of the domestic terrorist groups Democrats support and Democratic financial backers fund to carry out destruction. We the People should remember that President Trump held rallies throughout his campaign and presidency, attended by tens upon tens of thousands of people without incident, until Jan. 6, 2021. “C’mon, man!” Not all of us are dumb enough to believe President Trump incited that behavior.

Now, the same Republicans who betrayed the president We the People elected – twice, I might add – are sending fundraising requests in staccato fashion. Even more disgusting is when these godless Philistines invoke God’s name and concern for country in their fundraising attempts.

I’m a born-again Christian and an ordained minister. I’m not just a believer in the Word of God; I am a student of the Word of God and a preacher/teacher of the Word of God. I make said points as prefix to the following. Nothing in my King James Bible persuades me that Republicans are worthy of more than scorn – not exclusively because of their betrayal of President Trump, but because of what they falsely pretended to stand for, when in fact they’re no different and no better than Democrats.

They’re a den of elapids and no less poisonous than their political counterparts. They’ve been successful in misleading their followers; pretending to be our advocates by dangling the idea of supporting our interests, as a means to keep We the People on their plantation.

I repeat the condemnation spoken by the Prophet Jeremiah: “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. … This is thy lot, the portion of thy measures from me, saith the Lord; because thou hast forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood.” (See: Jeremiah 13:22-27 KJV.)

They claimed to be Reagan Republicans when in fact they were the furthest things from President Reagan’s agenda.

Now they’re pretending to care about saving the great accomplishments made by President Trump and taking back the House and Senate as a ploy to raise money to continue their scams and elect replicas of themselves.

None for me, please. My Bible specifically tells me I’m not to support wicked people. It doesn’t draw a distinction between political persuasions. It’s clear America has abandoned God and embraced godless decadence.

I’m persuaded that the majority of the people still have not learned from their mistakes. And obviously, the same goes for the Republicans.

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