Research finds men & women are different: Who knew?

Tennis great John McEnroe used to cry out to the chair umpire after a bad line call, “You cannot be serious!!” – and then he would go on to bury him with, “You’re the pits of the world.” That must be the cry of the woke world to the scientists at Stanford University. Those academics at Stanford University better be ready for a giant Mac Attack.

Research scientists just inadvertently validated that men and women do really exist, because their brains work differently.

The National Science Foundation is going to have to rip these guys a new one because that’s what God told Moses a few thousand years ago.

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This finding should also be a shock to SCOTUS Justice Jackson. When she was asked to define a woman, all she came up with was a supreme, “Duh.” Joe Biden said that he was going to select a black woman for the Supreme Court and chose her. Apparently, she fit the definition of a woman, which even the pretend president could define without a “Duh.”

The Stanford researchers apparently discovered a new section of the brain found in both men and women; the politicanus. Both men and women subjects were asked this question: Who sinned and ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? The ones with a deranged left politicanus said Adam Trump. The subjects with a normal politicanus named the offender as Lockeruphillary.

By using an AI scanner, these scientists were actually able to see certain areas of human brain that show enhanced activity. They call them “hotspots.” For example, shown the image of a football, a man’s ” hotspot” began to jump up and down, flex its muscles and virtually yell, “Go, Buffalo!”

Following the football experiment, they split screened an image of a beer bottle with the football, which sent the hotspot into a spiral dance of ecstasy. Finally, joining the football and beer bottle came an image of a topless woman, and the hotspot broke into the song, “Ah, sweet mystery of life, I’ve found you.”

Basically, what the Stanford group discovered is that the brain of a man is hardwired differently than the brain of a woman. Therefore, it is not just society that makes men and women different; wiring matters.

Once that wiring reaches a critical mass stage, that numbskull system pretty much controls most of a man’s life. It’s constructed like a tree with the nerve branches in the brain leading to a trunk and root system in the groin. This is how it works.

Let’s say we’ve got a guy named Lenny who’s out raking leaves and he spots a squirrel. A squirrel is pretty much a rat with a fuzzy tail. Lenny’s warp-speed system kicks in, and the guy sees the fuzzy tailed rat as somewhat cute. And as most reactions to things in a man’s life do, the six-lane highway between a man’s brain and his groin becomes flooded with one thought; whoopee.

He is now nothing more than a quivering, irrational, unthinking brain-fogged pinhead. But, on second thought, a man spotting an actual rat, would respond in the same way. Scientists have concluded that a man is hopelessly wired to his groin.

On the other hand a woman’s brain is different and much more sophisticated. When she sees a squirrel/rat, cloud, flower, peach, bread dough, most anything, she follows her magnolia-tree system to her purse, and it’s off to the department store and the swiping of plastic.

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