Resist 'Left-wing Creep' – it has ruined America

I recently wrote that our remarkable land of the free and home of the brave is beginning to feel like a fun-house mirror that we’ve fallen through, nightmarish D.C. clowns running the show.

If it seems to you like a game of attrition in which the goalposts and rules of the game are always in motion, you’re correct. This year’s “rules” certainly don’t reflect those of last year. Try to keep up. Can you name just four of the 81 “genders” and newly “protected minorities” in 2022? (To simplify the quiz, you’re not one of them.)

Here’s a fun exercise. Imagine today that progressives drew up a protracted wish list of their latest demands. Then to keep our cities from burning we graciously step hard left again – as we have countless times already – accommodating the quantum leap into cultural suicide. Be assured by this time tomorrow there will be a whole new list of outrageous demands that lead to more taxation and inflation, a higher misery index and loss of freedoms for those of us who acknowledge our Creator.

We finally understand where this is headed.

I take no satisfaction in pointing out that these are profoundly unhappy people who think you’re the reason they’re miserable. But to think you’ll appease them for even a moment by capitulating further has proven a fool’s game.

Call it “Left-wing Creep.”

First, it’s the nose in the tent on any given “issue.” Soon it’s the entire donkey eating your lunch and doing its business on your floor. Kind of like “legitimate asylum seekers” quickly morphing into anyone who can make it across the border, then taxpayer-funded smartphones, cash and transportation to your hometown.

Or like your Second Amendment Rights no longer being “absolute” during an unprecedented epidemic of violence while they grow their personal security forces.

The examples of nose-in-the-tent “creep” are endless.

I’ve reluctantly reached the conclusion that progressives can’t help the creepy behavior because it stems from a hopelessly nihilistic worldview. Some insist misery deserves company. However, self-inflicted, leftist misery does not deserve company. It will only drag you down to a very dark, angry and godless place.

“Is God Dead?”

The cover of Time magazine asked the tongue-in-cheek question in 1966. He already was to leftist “enlightened” readers who desperately wanted to live a lifestyle that factored God out of life’s equation.

Ever since, malcontent Saul Alinskyite automatons have worked to see to it that the Creator and the Owner’s Manual he so graciously left behind were relegated to the dustbins of history. It should come as no surprise Hillary Clinton’s emulated “mentor” Alinsky dedicated his Left-wing Creep instruction manual to the father of lies, Lucifer.

Even at Ivy League universities founded on the Bible, it was as though students awoke one morning to the campus newspaper headline, “America and God Divorced Today Citing Irreconcilable Differences.” With each passing year, Ivy League tenured professors further their Left-wing Creep toward godless fascism. “Believing themselves wise they have become as fools.” (Romans 1:22)

Godless, self-important “fools” with elbow patches became the new “educational elite,” blindly leading subsequent generations down their treacherous path of insufferable nihilism, naïve parents footing the bill and even leaving behind endowments to mislead their grandchildren.

Because of such spiritually damaged leadership, honest debate and discussion is all but precluded in modern academia – particularly as it relates to the “origin of the species” and the bedrock of the Judeo/Christian values America was founded upon.

A Wall Street Journal article, “What You Can’t Discuss on Campus,” pointed out what is no longer open for discussion at American universities:

“Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard and avoid idleness. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

Each idea now is considered “hate speech,” the article concludes.

God-divorcees started with the insistence, “You can’t impose your values on someone else” and, “You can’t legislate morality.” That rapidly creeped into a set of progressive, authoritarian “moralities” you’d better embrace – or else. Like their sacrosanct LGBTQI+ agenda, which diametrically opposes the women’s rights they once pretended to champion.

Similarly, the nose-in-the-tent started with “fewer SUVs and more fuel-efficient cars,” morphing into all-out war on fossil fuels with resulting runaway inflation. An “incredible transition,” as the president calls it, “to green energy,” though such alternatives are not remotely close to being viable. Nonetheless, American oil producers along with their customers at the pumps are ruthlessly punished for simply needing to get to work, the grocery store, day care and school.

But the clearest example of Left-wing Creep is abortion.

“Safe, legal and rare” hurriedly creeped into abortion on demand for any reason whatsoever, right up to and including the moment of birth. Discussions are well underway for gruesome post-birth abortions – all preferably funded with the tax dollars of our productive class. By that, I mean you.

Somewhere along the Haight Ashbury-left’s fanatical vitriol against God and “the establishment,” the LSD, free-love, flowers-in-your-hair resistance creeped to become the “man” they were rebelling against. Except that the progressive left’s “man” is far angrier and more militant than the one that preceded them.

If you don’t believe me, try being visibly pro-life for a day on an American college campus if still clinging to your Bible and the abundantly clear “choose life” values it teaches.

Predictably, my generation’s chosen lifestyle of radical disobedience and hatred toward the Creator and anyone who follows Him has caught up with us. And as a result, deadly conflict abounds in the once relative safety of our “Nation under God.”

It will only get worse if we continue to play the progressive left’s mendacious nose-in-the-tent game. Draw the line. Cast your vote. Poll watch. And don’t “compromise” further. They can’t Peter Navarro all of us.

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