Retired agent: Feds wanted to know if Hunter Biden laptop compromised family


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An officer who is retired from America’s spy apparatus has revealed that a key agency – not identified – wanted to review the Hunter Biden laptop just before the 2020 election to determine if there was “compromising” material there that could be used against the Bidens.

The comments were in a report from Just the News about an interview with Tony Shaffer on the publication’s Real America’s Voice program.

Shaffer, now retired, says a “U.S. spy agency asked for his help in fall 2020 to try to acquire a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop contents ahead of the presidential election.”

The account from Shaffer, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, “was confirmed by three other people who were approached by Shaffer or the agency or were involved in the approach,” the report said.

It was that information from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he abandoned at a repair shop, that was the focus of reporting from the New York Post in 2020. That information, however, immediately was censored and suppressed by legacy media and social media alike.

A Media Research Center poll revealed had that information been more widely reported, enough voters would have withheld their support for Joe Biden that the result of the election likely would have been different.

The Just the News sources explained the interest of the unidentified agency was to look at the contents for evidence of how foreigners were trying to compromise “prominent Americans.”

“A three-letter agency came to me and said, ‘Hey, we’ve heard that you have access to a copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive. Could we get a copy?'” Shaffer explained. “And I said, like, ‘Do you know what’s on there? I mean, we’re talking about everything from child porn, to, you know, all these these issues regarding the president.'”

He explained the agency claimed its interest wasn’t “political,” but it was if “there’s compromising information on that hard drive, this is before the election, the president could be compromised to the level of owing either China or or Ukraine something.”

Just the News reported an unidentified official “directly familiar with the effort” verified the situation, “saying the intelligence community wanted to know if anything on the hard drive had been hacked, whether the Biden family was compromised, and whether there were any patterns about how foreign adversaries were seeking to compromise prominent Americans.”

But the report explained one source said the plan was abandoned because there apparently were more than one version of the hard drive.

A lawyer for the family of John Paul Mac Issac, the repairman at the Delaware computer shop where Hunter Biden abandoned the information, turned the laptop over to the FBI in late 2019.

He also confirmed there was an October 2020 approach from Shaffer.

All of those interviewed declined to identify the “three-letter” agency involved, but the report noted Shaffer long has been linked to the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The report continued, “Shaffer said he was still working to get a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop in late October 2020 when he was asked to stand down by an official from the spy agency.”

He said his instructions eventually were to stop, because, according to the agency, “We don’t want to know.”

Shaffer also blasted the 51 “national security experts” including ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who wrote a letter claiming the information about the laptop was “Russian disinformation,” a claim that has proven false.

That, Shaffer said, “was a hit piece based on those individuals siding with a political cause and party over their oath of office.”

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