It all started so beautifully – a love affair, a royal wedding and a new baby. The commoner and the royal – and it should have been “happily ever after” – but as it is too often, in real life, it didn’t turn out that way.

It all came tumbling down last weekend when the couple allowed themselves to be the focus of a two-hour, so-called “interview” by Oprah Winfrey. Everybody got what they wanted. The couple got the interview, the publicity and the opportunity to vent and accuse, and Winfrey got the massive ratings she wanted.

Well, actually, they didn’t “allow themselves” to be the target of the Q&A – they helped instigate it. They wanted it. It was a means to feed the massive egos involved … theirs and Winfrey’s.

If you are one of the few in the English-speaking world who doesn’t know who I’m talking about – the two are Prince Harry of the British royal family and younger son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and Meghan Markle, an American actress virtually no one knew until she married Harry. They are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It’s rumored that Harry wanted out of the royal pressures, which was one of the reasons they settled in California. But it’s clear that Meghan lusts after every minute of it. Clearly it was – is – a combination destined for trouble.

Winfrey was courted by Meghan for years – she was even invited to the wedding, even though at that time the pair hardly knew each other. But Meghan knew what Winfrey could do for her publicity-wise, and Winfrey knew the ratings potential of a friendship with Diana’s son and his American wife. I might add that it didn’t hurt that Markle is biracial – her mother is black – which makes the whole situation incredibly politically correct.

The lead-up to the interview was blasted through media, and when it finally aired, it resulted in what can only be called a massive blowup. Good, because the ratings set records, which adds up to multi-millions for the network and Winfrey, and bad, because of what the pair said.

Meghan used the time to blast virtually everything she could concerning the royal family even though she and Harry were careful not to name any names. It was a tidal wave of alleged insults and hurts with Meghan at the center.

Two issues got major attention: Meghan’s mental health and race.

She said that at one point she was so unhappy with how she was being treated that she contemplated suicide, and when she asked for help, it was refused.

Oh, please. This is a grown woman, married to a man worth millions – and he couldn’t get medical assistance for her? Either she is lying, or Harry is a most uncaring husband.

And keep in mind that a couple of years ago, Harry was so distraught with memories of his mother’s death, that he sought medical/psychological help – and got it. So he understands such issues.

The issue of race is something that has been known from the beginning of their love affair. In fact, the British press welcomed her becoming a part of the royal family. She was also welcomed by Queen Elizabeth, Harry’s grandmother, and the rest of the family.

But in the interview, Meghan said that when she was pregnant, “someone” in the royal family wondered out loud what color skin the baby might have. She said that tore her apart, and while Harry said he also heard the question, neither of them would say WHO said it.


Let me tell you, if the palace were the only place where that question was asked, it would be a miracle. I live in California, and I heard people here raise the issue – and I am certain thousands of people, privately and openly, wondered the same thing in both countries. Like it or not, it’s a natural query, and it’s not racist. It’s human curiosity.

But the interview covered the issue to the point that the whole royal family was smeared with alleged racism. They all became guilty, while Harry and Meghan presented themselves as “poor victims.”

The queen did issue a short statement that such things might have been misunderstood and it would be examined – but Prince William, Harry’s brother and future king, said that the royal family is not racist and that he would talk with Harry about the accusation.

What else? Meghan was miffed that her son, Archie, could not be named a prince. She considered that a personal affront – while it is simply the rules of royalty as to who can be given that title.

She blasted William’s wife, Catherine, and claimed that the two had words over a child’s bridesmaid dress and hose.

She complained that her passport had been taken away when she wed – ignoring that she and Harry took dozens of international trips together. As a royal, she didn’t need a passport.

Right after the interview, it became public that there are claims Meghan treated palace staff and her own staff rudely and in fact, caused many to be fired or to quit. This now is being investigated.

Harry and Meghan have continually said they seek privacy, yet at every opportunity they seek media attention. From their choice of living in the celebrity-hungry Southern California area to making million-dollar media deals for their projects.

Even their personal life gets media attention, as when Meghan wrote an article for American media about her miscarriage. She’s always looking for publicity and sympathy.

Markle has no relationship with her family, save her mother, who lives with them and cares for their child. She’s useful, but Meghan has no relationship with her sister, nor with her father who lives nearby. He’s never seen his grandson.

The only person I feel any sympathy for is Queen Elizabeth. The woman, who turns 95 next month, has more family problems than anyone would expect. It’s bad enough when the problems are caused by her own children, but when trouble comes from an outsider – well, she has the patience of Job. I admire her.

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