Rural America hates Democrats

I saw a startling headline some time ago: “The Hatred for Democrats in Rural America Has Reached Biblical Levels.”

Whoa. As a proud card-carrying member of Rural America, this is heavy stuff.

The piece, written by Matt Vespa, explains how the left has ignored Flyover Country to the point where the blue-collar citizens can’t stand them. “Democrats saw their hopes of a huge House majority die thanks to their failure to reach out to people who aren’t unhinged ‘woke’ progressives from the cities,” writes Vespa.

Vespa quotes the Associated Press: “The [Democratic] party’s brand is so toxic in the small towns 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh that some liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to acknowledge publicly their party affiliation. These Democrats are used to being outnumbered by the local Republican majority, but as their numbers continue to dwindle, those who remain are feeling increasingly isolated and unwelcome in their own communities. ‘The hatred for Democrats is just unbelievable,’ said Tim Holohan, an accountant based in rural McKean County who recently encouraged his daughter to get rid of a pro-Joe Biden bumper sticker. ‘I feel like we’re on the run.'”

Naturally, the AP pins the blame on ignorant white conservative hicks too stupid to understand how beneficial wokeness is to the world in general and Americans in particular: “Democrats have been effectively ostracized from the overwhelmingly white parts of rural America, leaving party leaders with few options to reverse a cultural trend that is redefining the political landscape.”

Living in rural North Idaho, we’ve seen a massive influx of “leftugees” from blue cities in the last two years. These are conservatives who have been living in hostile territory for years until it got too dangerous to remain. Believe me, these new arrivals don’t harbor any love for the left. At all.

The notoriously liberal National Public Radio (NPR) recently put out an article entitled “Americans are fleeing to places where political views match their own” in which they profess to be shocked – shocked! – that so many conservatives are fleeing leftist enclaves. “America is growing more geographically polarized,” the article says. “Red ZIP codes are getting redder and blue ZIP codes are becoming bluer. People appear to be sorting. … ‘The Big Sort’ may be making Americans more politically extreme.”

So, are Americans becoming more politically extreme? Absolutely. No question about it. When Mr. Vespa calls the hatred for Democrats in rural America “biblical,” he’s not exaggerating.

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Since NPR is, well, NPR, they have to make the obligatory statement that red locations are largely white. These people are living with their heads up their unmentionable body parts. What the left won’t admit is they’ve been hemorrhaging “people of color” voters for years, a process that has accelerated to landslide proportions since Biden got into office.

When minorities don’t toe the leftist woke line, Democrats immediately label them as white supremacists, whatever their skin color. They’re compared to Oreos or coconuts or bananas (pick your color on the outside, white on the inside). Witness how California governor candidate Larry Elder was called “the black face of white supremacy,” or how Winsome Sears’ victory as Virginia’s first female black lieutenant governor was blamed on white supremacy. In fact, as Hispanics move right, the press has taken to calling them white nationalists. Is it any wonder people of color want to flee this kind of lunatic logic?

The woke left cannot and will not acknowledge that the hated Critical Race Theory, defunding the police and other race-baiting issues are just as loathed by people of color as by whites. No one in his right mind wants to see race relations disintegrate or crime skyrocket, yet that’s precisely what wokeism is all about. No wonder so many blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are leaving the ugliness of the left behind and embracing the far more welcoming and inclusive policies of the right.

That’s why Vespa wrote, “When you hate people, don’t be shocked if they redirect that hate back at you. And please, let’s not cry about these poor rural Democrats living in fear. They should since their agenda aims to destroy the country, but liberals in the cities would happily burn what few conservative reside in their dominion, so it cuts both ways.”

Interestingly, the more Dems embrace the radical far-left activist members of their party, the more they are becoming loathed by their own demographic. “That backlash against Democrats everyone predicted has arrived,” points out RedState. “For years, Republicans have been predicting that Nancy Pelosi’s embrace of the so-called ‘Squad’ would lead to a political backlash, and that backlash appears to have arrived. … The hard-left politics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and the so-called ‘Squad,’ once a dominant theme for vast numbers of elected Democrats, is backfiring big-time on the party in power, top Democrats tell us.”

Of course, I expect the Democrats to win big-time in the midterm elections – they’re masters at election fraud, after all – but that doesn’t change the reality of how universally loathed their policies are across the vast landmass of America outside of blue cities. In this context, Vespa’s description of “biblical” hatred is far more understandable.

Political pundits have pointed out for years that Democrats have failed to reach out to rural America, instead preferring to lob insults about unejikated hicks. (I seem to remember various snarky comments over the years about clinging to guns and Bibles, and something about deplorables.) “Rural Americans keep America afloat, and for their efforts, they are one of the few groups of people the paragons of political correctness openly abuse,” notes J.B. Shurk in American Thinker.

Those of us who live in Flyover Country know very well the contempt the political left has for us. We’re not fooled by whatever pathetic attempts the left makes to bridge the divide.

Don’t get me wrong – rural residents usually aren’t thrilled with their Republican representatives either, because the vast majority are RINOs. We know that, but we have to vote for someone, and it sure as heck won’t be a leftist.

But has hatred for Democrats in rural America reached biblical levels? Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

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