Rush Limbaugh on Obama and the real 'coup' he led

If only we still had Rush Limbaugh …

Rush could spot a phony faster than anybody.

And he was quick to nail the head honcho of the phony of “Russian collusion narrative” as Barack Hussein Obama.

That’s right.

He warned that nobody else would find the fingerprints leading to Obama. He’s untouchable. He’ll never be held accountable.

It was May 10, 2020, when Rush told the American people on his radio show how Obama framed President Donald Trump early on in his administration.

It’s worth a refresher course.

Limbaugh said “it turns out [Obama] was directing it,” pointing to the Oval Office meeting Jan. 5, 2017, led by Obama “to plan how to sabotage Trump with the Russia collusion narrative and get it out there the next day in a Comey and Brennan meeting with Trump at Trump Tower.”

“None of this Trump-Russia collusion stuff could have happened without Obama knowing about it,” Limbaugh told his listeners. “These people that perpetrated it – the FBI and the DOJ, the Comeys, the McCabes, the Clappers, the Brennans – none of them could have done it without Obama knowing about it, at bare minimum knowing about it, and at worse directing it.”

Rush died of cancer on Feb. 17, 2021. But he was still in rare form a year earlier.

“So it is not a stretch. In fact, it’s factual to say that Obama collaborated to invent the Russian collusion narrative,” Limbaugh said. “That’s why Obama is taking all of his time and trying to focus on Trump and his supposedly horrible, chaotic response to the coronavirus. Obama knows he’s got buddies. He knows he’s got sycophants. He knows he’s got butt-kissers in the Drive-By Media. But he still needs to give them somewhere to go. So harping on Trump and Trump’s supposed incompetence is Obama’s way of deflecting.”

Limbaugh said there are people who “literally ought to be in jail.”

“There are people who need to have everything taken away from them like Flynn and Manafort have had taken away from them, the people that ran this operation. There are American citizens including Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, Bill Priestap, I go through the list of people, who all participated in the willful destruction of lives of their fellow American citizens,” he said.

Justice might come to those figures, but nothing ever will happen to Obama, Rush said.

“The walls are not closing in on Obama. We wish they were, but they’re not. Who’s gonna close the walls on the guy?” he asked. “There isn’t gonna be an investigation of Barack Obama. It will never happen. I don’t care what they turn up. I don’t care what Durham has. There will never be an investigation of Barack Obama. It just won’t happen. We just don’t do that to ex-presidents.”

Rush played a soundbite from Obama several days before:

“The news over the last 24 hours, I think, has been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping, uhh, charges against Michael Flynn and the fact there is no precedent that anybody can find for, uhh, someone who’s been charged with perjury, uhh, just gettin’ off scot-free. Uhh, that’s the kind of stuff where you, you begin to, uhh, get worried that basic, not just institutional norms, but, uhh, our basic understanding of rule of law, uhh, is, is, uhh is, uhh, is, uhh, is at risk.”

Rush explained that “this guy is said to be smarter than everybody. That’s the guy said to be smarter than anybody in the room. He speaks and nobody can compete. That sounded pretty disjointed. But worse than that, here’s Obama saying there’s no precedent that anybody can find for, uh, someone who’s been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. Well, what’s the problem? Flynn was not charged with perjury. He did not face a single charge of perjury. Yeah, he supposedly lied to the FBI at a process crime, but he did not plead guilty to perjury.”

Limbaugh recalled that Dr. Thomas Sowell once characterized Obama’s political genius.

“Writes Dr. Sowell: ‘Barack Obama’s political genius is his ability to say things that will sound good to people who have not followed the issues in any detail – regardless of how obviously fraudulent what he says may be to those who have paid attention.’ In other words, Obama’s political genius is fooling a bunch of idiots.”

Think of it!

“They won the House,” Rush explained. “They didn’t get rid of Trump, but they won the House in the 2018 midterms. They thwarted and derailed much of the Trump agenda. They had statistically half of the people in this country believing that Trump was a Russian agent and therefore a traitor. And yet these people knew that none of this was true and they’re on television lying about it.”

Rush wasn’t done.

“It is still going on. This effort to rid Washington, D.C., of Donald Trump is still going on. It’s now taking place under the umbrella of the coronavirus circumstance with the lockdown and the shutdown and all that. … The whole thing was a manufactured coup. And they went so far as the attempt to literally ruin innocent Americans who hadn’t done anything except support or be friendly with Donald Trump or work for him. So the news is that Obama was involved in this from the get-go. Andy McCarthy has written about it. Let me use his words: ‘Obama officials and FBI collaborated to invent the Russian collusion narrative. And Obama is up to it in his eyeballs as well.'”

Obama knew every detail of what took place as early as Jan. 5, 2017.

That should be the date of the ACTUAL COUP. Not Jan. 6, 2021.

That was the day when the chiefs of key intelligence agencies briefed top Obama White House officials on their assessment of Russia’s meddling in the campaign – except that there wasn’t any.

Rush continued: “The whole thing was a meeting designed to entrap Trump and to get rid of Flynn. It wasn’t for an assessment of Russia’s meddling in the campaign because there hadn’t been any. And these people all knew it even then.”

And Obama signed off on the whole sordid plan.

I’ll give the last word to Rush: “This many people, the DOJ, the FBI, the intelligence community would not go rogue on the guy. Remember, they love Obama. They respect Obama. They wouldn’t do any of this behind his back.”

I miss Rush. I dearly miss him. He was never fooled by Barack Hussein Obama, nor his lapdog and sycophant Joe Biden. Someday, we may find out Obama was even the orchestrator of the Big Steal.

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