Satan's Rainbow Synagogue

This is part three in my series on “The History of Judeo-Christian Millennialism.” In part one, “The blessings of Anglo-Zionism,” I outlined the benign first five centuries of Anglo-Zionism from its origins in Renaissance-era Holland and the British Isles until the liberation of the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks in 1917. In part two, I explained “How Anglo-Zionism turned evil” after it was hijacked by the same powerful principalities the Anglo-Zionists had shoved aside while they advanced the protean elements of liberty-based constitutionalism across the world under the flag of the British Empire. I specifically attributed blame for the post-liberation usurpation of Anglo-Zionism to the “Synagogue of Satan” (the evil side of the House of Judah: “Jews” who say they are Jews but aren’t) and to the “Grapes of Sodom” (the evil side of the House of Israel: “Christians” who are actually not the true fruit of the vine of Joseph/Ephraim in Genesis 49:22 but are the poisonous fruit of the vine of Sodom in Deuteronomy 32:31-32).

Millennialism’s source of strength and spiritual significance during the Age of the Gentiles has been the waxing and waning partnership of Yahweh-worshiping remnant Jews and Christians – foreshadowing the final and complete reunification of the Houses of Judah and Israel in the thousand-year Millennial Kingdom (MK) of Christ (Ezekiel 37). That is the hidden meaning of the Parable of the Prodigal Son (which I fully document and explain in my book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy”). The flip side of that partnership is the Antichrist Kingdom (AK), which targets both Jews and Christians for destruction: an attempt by the demonic partnership of the Antichrist and the False Prophet to prevent the MK from arriving, just as King Herod tried to kill the toddler Jesus to prevent his earthly ministry to humanity.

The binding glue of that evil partnership is sodomy – the ultimate form of voluntary human self-defilement and defiance of God, as I document in my book “The Petros Prophecy.”

The vast majority of the descendants of the House and Kingdom of Israel (the lost 10 tribes) remain lost to their own identity, but those who accept and abide in Christ (the found sheep of Israel) become His bride awaiting the Wedding Feast of the Lamb at the dawn of the MK. There is no formal organization of the still-lost sheep of Israel – they are simply scattered and dispersed physically and genetically across humankind – and thus their role in the partnership of evil is amorphous, represented by an ideology instead of one (or 10) central organization(s): the ideology of Sodomite-driven sexual anarchy (and child killing). Yet, many specific individuals such as the “Anti-Pope” Francis and Episcopal “gay bishops”, as well as congregations that preach the heresy of “gay theology,” are false “Christians” (tares among the wheat) who pledge their allegiance to that ideology and its flag – the hijacked rainbow intended by God to symbolize His presence and authority – by which the Antichrist is also identified in Revelation 6:2.

However, per Hosea 1:6-7 and Jeremiah 3:8, the House of Judah was never divorced by God as the House of Israel had been, and so it’s evil side is more easily recognized as the “Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9). This is why it is so easy for anti-Semites to blame “the Jews” collectively for the rising tyrannies we face because the organized and blatantly corrupt Synagogue of Satan is so enormously powerful and so rotten – like the bad figs of Jeremiah 24:1-10 – that it dominates the end-times stage like Simon Legree, or Haman the Agagite in a Purim play. Seemingly forgotten is that these men are NOT Jews at all in the theological sense, merely by bloodline (if that), and that the “good figs” (good Jews) of Jeremiah 24 are suffering the tyrannies right alongside the rest of us. (Consider for example that the population of Israel was among the most tyrannized in all the world by the elites’ clot-shot mandates and lockdowns.) On the sexual anarchy front, I’m thinking especially here of my brave and honorable Jewish friend Arthur Goldberg whose homosexual recovery ministry, JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing), was shut down through lawfare by the fake Jews of the uber-powerful Southern Poverty Law Center. True Jew Arthur was crushed by the fake Jews for upholding biblical truth on sodomy.

Fake Jews? As Paul, the self-described Pharisee of Pharisees, said, “A man is not a Jew because he is one outwardly, nor is circumcision only outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew because he is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code” (Romans 2:28-29, reiterating the principle of Deuteronomy 30:6 and Jeremiah 4:4).

Per the lesson of Abraham in his plea for the righteous in Sodom to be spared by God (Genesis 18:16-33), the Jewish prerequisite for the establishment of a Synagogue is 10 righteous men, a minyan. It would stand to reason that the establishment of the Synagogue of Satan would have required an anti-righteous minyan. But, of course, 10 is just the minimum. Looking across the cultural/political landscape of the world today it would seem there are mega-minyans of fake Jews, just as there are millions of fake Christians.

Before I sat down recently to write this article, I perused the news and in God’s perfect timing stumbled on this article: “Jack Dorsey Reveals He Gave Up Fight Against Censorship Due to Paul Singer’s Hostile Takeover of Twitter in 2020.” It documents the leading role that “Jewish” billionaire LGBT battle-chieftain (and financier of the Steele Dossier behind the Russian collusion hoax) Paul Singer played in turning Twitter into a cancel-culture war machine. (Singer also funded a Human Rights Campaign dossier naming me public enemy No. 1 of the international LGBT agenda.) He’s precisely the sort one might find in a role-call of the Synagogue of Satan minyan, alongside fellow luminary of the World Economic Forum, the transhumanist prophet Yuval Noah Harari (a “married” homosexual), further evidence that Sodomite sexual anarchy is the glue that binds them all. Spend a moment educating yourself about their anti-Messiah role model Jacob Frank and his demonic doctrine of “purification through transgression.”

I remain a strongly pro-Israel Christian in the same way that I remain a strongly patriotic American despite the fact that both nations have been hijacked to advance evil policies. Both were founded for the advancement of God’s plan on earth, and both have a role to play in these end times. I am not a “Christian Zionist” per se, but a Christian Shilohist (a term I will explain in my next article). Yet I remain pro-Zionist in the original sense of the word, and in sympathy to the true Jews of Israel who embrace the biblical history, prophecy and vision that underlies their authority to be there. But I do not deny that national Israel is designated in prophecy to become the territory of the Antichrist kingdom (Revelation 11:1-8), and in preparation for that kingdom its Jewish culture WILL be given over to evil, just as America’s Christian culture is being given over in parallel.

Make no mistake, you remnant Jews and Christians, the flag of that Luciferian kingdom is the flag of Satan’s Synagogue: the rainbow – and wherever it flies today its purpose is to signal loyalty to him in the ancient tradition of welcoming an arriving conqueror (Revelation 6:2). Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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