School district rife with conflict now claims to be students' 'second mother'


A Virginia school district that has been permeated with conflict and scandal for months now – almost all stemming from its “woke” agenda of pro-LGBT and pro-racist action points – now is claiming that teachers are their students’ “second mothers.”

And as such, parents need to “respect” their authority.

The details were documented at the LouderWithCrowder website.

“School is out for the holidays at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be getting plenty of material illustrating how terrible they are. And it just so happens that one of the worst school districts in the country—or at least the one that seems to provide us the most evidence—has decided to give us even more evidence!” the report said.

The extraordinary claim comes as part of the district’s instructions in Critical Race Theory, the report said.

Among those demands, under the racist label of “white individualism,” are the instructions, “The Focus is on the child as an individual.”

And, “Children are expected to form and express opinions, even question elders.”

And, “Teachers and parents are equals.”

The website comment at this point was, “May I just say, there will never be a world in which a teacher is my equal. When it comes to my daughter, I outrank any teacher, and I’m sure many parents feel the same way.”

In another race-based category, the instruction posted on social media demanded:

“Teachers have a special role to teach academics (and to inculcate morals). ‘The teacher is the second mother.’ Parents’ role is to socialize children (and respect teachers’ authority).”

Reacting, the website said, “So, all you parents who aren’t white, you better respect the authority of those teachers who actually believe they are a parent to your children. I wouldn’t accept this. Some of the remaining good teachers aren’t accepting this.”

The scandal is just the latest for the district, which earlier was found to have covered up a sexual assault on a student by a boy wearing a dress who entered the girls’ restroom. He later was moved to another school, where he committed another offense, and was convicted.

The district also had lashed out angrily at a local church when one of its members, a teacher, stated at a public board meeting that he could not support the district’s proposed LGBT agenda that included promoting transgenderism.

The district disciplined him with dismissal, but was forced by the courts to retreat and reinstate him when its actions were ruled to have violated the Constitution.

Also, it was revealed that “parents” in the district used Facebook to “conspire” to get a Christian teacher fired, and there were accusations that school officials were working to deprive parents of their opportunities to speak publicly on issues that had developed in the district.

At one point, that tried to apply a “chilling” rule on parents by demanding that they disclose publicly their home addresses in order to be allowed to speak.

Instead of acknowledging parental rights and retreating from its most offensive moves, the district has launched a legal campaign to defend itself and promote its divisive actions, prompting parents to file petitions demanding the resignations of the offenders.

For one meeting, the school board had demanded the local sheriff provide 65 officers to protect them from parents, a move that the law enforcement professional ridiculed.

They also were criticized for a sex life survey they gave to students, but concealed from parents.

According to Breitbart, Ian Prior, of Fight for Schools, described Loudoun County as a focal point for the dispute between leftists promoting transgenderism and Critical Race Theory in schools and parents.

“You’re going to see what the wokest school board in America is doing, so you’ll understand what to look for when your school board starts doing the same thing.”

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