School reinstates sex-specific restrooms for students

A public school in Scotland has killed off a transgender agenda point that demanded students of both sexes use the same restrooms after a backlash from parents and grandparents who were stunned with the idea.

According to the Scottish Dail Mail, staff and students at Culloden Academy in Inverness both returned from summer break to find the new scenario.

The report explained Headmaster James Vance claimed he had nothing to do with the change, which was made by the Highland Council.

But the school’s plan was to force students into unisex facilities, and that triggered a response from students and parents alike.

“Locals were concerned at the prospect of girls as young as 11 sharing toilets with boys as old as 18, while some pupils said they were uncomfortable with the decision,” the report explained.

It said the school responded with a reinstatement of single-sex facilities, although it is also is keeping an option for the unisex restrooms.

The school had told parents that the restroom “improvements” were needed because of an increase in student population.

“There are similar facilities in place at Alness Academy, Wick High School, Inverness Royal Academy and Charleston Academy… the new toilet cubicles and doors are full height and fully enclosed for improved security and privacy for pupils,” the school said.

Online, a community group warned, “Could consulting school, parents, and pupils have saved a lot of time and money?”

More than 600 respondents “liked” the criticisms, and contributor Kelly Lewis More said, “Highland Council is an absolute joke. Let’s make a really stupid decision, cause distress and waste money – even though we know it’s stupid and will have to waste even more money to sort things out.”

Another, Margaret MacLeod, simply said the council members “need their heads examined and quickly.”

The Inverness Courier explained grandparent Judith Reid charged, “The U-turn by Highland Council has been welcomed by the Culloden Academy community, and we are delighted that the council has seen sense and overturned their initial decision to have exclusively unisex toilets.”

She continued, “However, the lack of consultation or communication with teachers, parents and pupils over the initial decision, which eroded safe spaces for young female pupils, and left pupils of both sexes uncomfortable, has been frankly appalling, and I am not entirely convinced that this will be a one-off.”

At the Christian Institute came the explanation that the LGBT lobbyists at Stonewall have been pushing for “gender neutral toilets and signage for a number of years.”

But the report said opposition to that agenda “is growing.”

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