School threatens student's counseling license, now he gets legally serious

(Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash)
(Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash)

A top student at the Autonomous University of Baja California’s School of Medicine and Psychology has expressed his belief that society should not redefine “family” and should avoid “radical gender ideology,” earning himself a threat from his government institution that it might withhold his license in psychology.

So he’s taking them to court.

ADF International reports it is Christian Cortez Perez who was threatened by officials at the Mexican university after he explained his beliefs during a speech at his graduation.

He earned the right to deliver the commencement address through his academic performance – he was the top student in his class.

He said, during his speech, “Today we are deep into a real anthropological struggle to redefine the human being, the human person, man, through the implementation of ideologies and fashions of thought that always end up undermining dignity and freedom.”

Student – even faculty members – responded with loud protests and walkouts.

Then teachers at the school issued a “manifesto” demanding the university sanction him for so-called “hate speech” by canceling his earned academic degree and professional license – and bad-mouthing him to psychology associations across Mexico.

ADF International said the actions, if pursued, would damage his reputation seriously and possibly ban him from practicing psychology.

Those complaints, to the university council, prompted the school to warn him of a pending action.

He responded:

“I am filing a counterclaim to protect my rightful interests, but also to take a stand in defense of the free speech rights of every student. To be clear, I recognize that some may not agree with the content of my speech, but that’s what free speech is all about. Everyone should be able to peacefully share their views at university, without fear of punishment or retaliation,” he said in a statement released by ADF International.

He also had quoted G.K. Chesterton, on the destruction of the family: “People do not know what they are doing; because they do not know what they are undoing.”

He explained “to attack life and the family is to self-destruct, it is an attack on civilization itself.”

A report in Decision Magazine said the student explained, “I exercised my fundamental right to free speech to address my classmates about what I believe are the most pressing issues of our time. Now, I stand to lose my entire professional career because I expressed views with which some students and faculty disagree.”

He called for free speech.

“Public universities must respect the free speech rights of all students, and I am committed to obtaining justice not just for myself, but for all Mexicans interested in preserving the right to freely express themselves,” he said.

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