'Screaming in pain and bleeding': Abortionist leaves 2 women permanently injured

(Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash)
(Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash)

A foundation that defends the lives of the unborn has launched two medical malpractice cases against a notorious abortionist who made a name for himself doing late-term abortions, and his associates.

Life Legal Defense Foundation is reporting that the defendants in both cases are Leroy Carhart, whose actions already have been the subject of discussion at the U.S. Supreme Court, and his staff.

There, Carhart had challenged various state laws that prohibit “barbaric partial birth abortions” in which babies are partially delivered, then killed and often dismembered by abortionists.

Ultimately the Supreme Court said those rules were constitutional.

Now, the organization reported, the lawsuits stem from the botched abortions two women endured.

They suffered punctured internal organs, the claims explain.

“In one case, Carhart’s associate, Elizabeth Swallow,  began the process of aborting a 25-week-old baby, a two-day ordeal. When the dilation did not proceed fast enough, Swallow administered additional medications and then placed the woman under general anesthesia,” LLDF explained.

The documents charge, “The woman woke up screaming in pain and was bleeding heavily because her uterus and colon had been perforated.

“ Swallow called in Carhart for assistance. Carhart, who runs the abortion mill and is 80 years old, was unable to stop the bleeding. The woman had to be rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed retained fetal parts in her uterus.”

Then, just a week later, “Another woman began bleeding profusely during a late-term abortion and Carhart was again called in to assist.

“The woman was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for suspected uterine rupture and multiple internal injuries.

“Surgeons at the hospital had to remove her uterus, rendering her infertile,” LLDF said.

LLDF said its lawsuits charge that Carhart and his employees “failed to inform the women of the late-term abortion and its dangers, including uterine rupture and injury to other internal organs.”

The abortion business operators also allegedly failed to monitor the women and failed to use the abortion-inducing drugs correctly.

“In both cases, Carhart gave the women medications to start dilation during their first visit to his office. Maryland does not require any pre-abortion ultrasound or counseling about fetal development and does not have a statutory waiting period before a woman can obtain an abortion. Pro-aborts in Maryland call these ‘unnecessary legal requirements,’ preferring to send woman to the slaughterhouse without any information about what they are about to endure,” the organization reported.

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