Segregated graduations: More disharmony pushed by white libs

In the absence of a zeitgeist where a true lack of opportunity and factual inequality exists, many blacks today are engaging in debilitating self-induced immiseration where in fact none would exist if they and satanic white liberals didn’t orchestrate it.

Specific to my point is the headline that reads: “Black Graduation Ceremony / Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity: The Black Graduation Ceremony is a pre-commencement celebration to honor African and African American students who through unyielding determination have successfully completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from University of Washington” (scheduled for June 18, 2021).

“Unyielding determination”? What does that even mean? Did they have to outrun lions, tigers and poisonous snakes from the hood to the classroom? (Sarcasm intended.) How hard is it to get out of bed and go to class? How hard is it to maintain a “C” grade-level in what passes today for higher education? How hard is it to memorize a few lies about history and America?

Segregated graduations are an act of unprecedented racism, no matter that universities and colleges attempt to convince otherwise. They promote and validate inferiority; and even more egregious, said encourages the rejection of modernity.

This pleases white liberals and hate-filled blacks that pimp and profiteer from invented grievances.

Black people are not a separate species, and it’s time to stop treating them as such. The idea of segregated graduations is an affront and insult to every person who played a role in reversing the unparalleled subjugation of post-slavery Southern blacks by Democrats and the Democratic Party.

The invention of an “Office of Minority Affairs” is just another method through which white liberals and crayon-colored misotheist moralists entrench and inculcate the lie of “white privilege.” The creation of said office supports the idea that blacks are a subculture and not Americans. It’s an unspoken way of advancing the narrative that white people are real Americans, and all others suffer under white superiority.

A fraternity or sorority hosting an event that is singular to their fraternity or sorority would be one thing, but for schools across America to support segregated graduations and events is reprehensible bigotry and inexcusable. If the John Birch Society wanted to host a conservatives-only graduation ceremony, the very thought would cause seismic eruptions nationwide.

Blacks are encouraged to self-segregate and embrace victim status as a show of esteem when in fact it epitomizes lack of esteem. It’s no different than the argument I set forth in my e-book “Blacks Are Victims: Because They’re Told They Are” (2015) regarding skin-color based affirmative action.

In chapter 9, I wrote:

I argue there is no greater form of racism and bigotry than skin-color based “affirmative action.” It’s promulgated by self-serving neo-Leninist liberals who believe themselves superior and who look upon blacks as being inferior. Their bigotry implies that blacks cannot succeed or accomplish anything worthwhile in life without their help.

Many blacks have ignorantly embraced skin-color based affirmative action as justified punishment of white people whom they view as their oppressors. But what these same blacks are blind to is what skin-color based affirmative action has reduced them to.

Neo-Leninist liberals in their bigoted pomposity, have orchestrated a pogrom of such magnitude as to destroy the sense of purpose and the sense of true self-worth in the majority of blacks today. Neo-Leninist liberals have successfully blinded many blacks to the importance of their embracing modernity.

Before neo-Leninist liberals decided to foment despair, discord, and animosity for the purpose of prostituting immiseration and self-defeatism, blacks not only embraced modernity, but they relentlessly pursued it.

At the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 87 percent of black homes were married two-parent homes and 40 percent of blacks were business owners. But 50 years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act, 49 years after the introduction of the Great Society initiatives, and 46 years after the introduction of skin-color based affirmative action, blacks disproportionately represent practically every undesirable category.

Unlike before bigoted neo-Leninist liberals convinced blacks that they couldn’t make it without their help, blacks today have the highest percentage of out-of-wedlock births and the highest percentage of abortions. They have the highest percentage of single parent homes and the highest percentage of children being raised by a family member other than their biological parents. Blacks comprise the highest percentage of incarcerants, the highest percentage of high school dropouts, the highest percentage of college dropouts, the highest percentage living in poverty, and the highest percentage of unemployed.

Before neo-Leninist liberals decided to punish all whites for the evil that white Democrats had perpetrated, blacks took pride in positive accomplishments and the pursuit of modernity. Today, the majority of blacks have more disdain for modernity than an agoraphobic has for a sold-out football stadium.

But don’t tell blacks that, because the majority is too blind to understand. There was a time blacks embraced being Americans and the virtues of same; but that mindset has ultimately taken a backseat to the shrill invidious voices of those who preach the vitriolic heterodoxies of Marxists.

White liberals in truth hate the very air blacks breathe and have advanced segregated graduations to imbricate skin-color affirmative action as a means of securing disharmony and division.

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