Sen. Blackburn charges 'left' is trying to destroy 'natural rights that come from God'

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican representing Tennessee, is being praised by Franklin Graham, the head of the worldwide Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse, for identifying the battle facing America today.

She recently sat down for an extended interview with Breitbart, and explained that leftists across the nation today are trying to push the always-failed Marxism onto Americans.

“The way I look at this culture war is you’ve got the left and those that are pushing towards Marxism,” she explained. “They are lined up on one side. You have those that are more constitutionalists and traditionalists who want to preserve our American values of faith, family, freedom—preserve free markets—they are on the other side.”

She cited the traditional core values that Washington often appears to disfavor these days.

“The home is the hub. It’s the center,” she said. “For me, the reason I am in the political process, is because of family and preserving what I say is the big five—faith, family, freedom, hope, and opportunity. That really centers in home. We have a big extended family also. And then when I grew up in south Mississippi, I had a lot of cousins. We were all taught to give back more than you take, to leave things in better shape than you found them, and that applies to your home, to your church, your community. It applies to your state and to your country.”

She explained, “Faith is very important to me, that Judeo-Christian ethic is very important. If we stepped into the den to where my piano is you would see the Baptist hymnal that is there. I played for my church growing up. I still have that. And it reads into your life—it kind of becomes your centering, those values that you realize that you are not one unto yourself but you are part of a community. You are part of a country. Then you have your natural rights that come to you from God and our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, it is there to protect those rights that are yours.”

The “left,” she said, is trying to “destroy” those values.

“They want to destroy the nuclear family. What do they want to do? They want to replace it with the government. My book, which came out last fall, ‘Mind of a Conservative Woman,’ I talk about in one of the chapters about The Life of Julia. Remember when Obama did the Life of Julia? Julia goes to government-provided kindergarten and school, then she has student loans provided by the government, and the Obama administration, and then she works for the government and retires with her federal pension—and she has a child along the way but there is no mention of family, there is no mention of a mother or father relationship for this child.”

Graham praised Blackburn for identifying that people should be aware that it’s more than a culture war – “it’s a war between Judeo-Christian values and Marxism, which the Democratic party is pushing.”

He said, “She is absolutely right. I applaud her for calling it what it is and for working to preserve, as she put it, ‘our American values of faith, family, freedom.’ May God bless her! It is so important that we pray for our leaders.”

Blackburn, in fact, was blunt in defining the “culture war.”

“You’ve got the left and those that are pushing towards Marxism. They are lined up on one side. You have those that are more constitutionalists and traditionalists who want to preserve our American values of faith, family, freedom—preserve free markets—they are on the other side.”

She said the leftists are focused on the government being in control “of just about every portion of your life.”

“Do you want these individual freedoms? Do you want to pursue your American dream? Or do you want the left, with your government in control and your government saying ‘we’re going to give you this, but we’re not going to give you that’ and ‘we’ll give you a little bit of freedom but we’re taking freedom away from you and we’re going to give your money and your freedom to this individual over here,'” she said.

Keeping the focus there, she said, is how Republicans win, as they face a 2022 midterm election in which they have the opportunity to take back majorities in both the House and Senate.

But she warned the Republicans have bigger opposition than just Democrats.

“The left is on it with them. Whether it’s Big Tech or Big Media or Big Hollywood, they’re all in on this. This is what they are pushing forward and we are going to have to find a way to defend ourselves and our values because they’re in the click. They are all in the click. Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Hollywood, the Chinese Communist Party, and they feel as if they are the elites and they should have the control and they should make the decisions.”

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