Senator seeks records of Kerry's finances, conflicts of interest

John Kerry (Video screenshot)

John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s climate czar, has been seen traveling by air without a mask, was revealed to have taken a private jet to Iceland for a meeting and is alleged to have disclosed to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif secrets about Israeli air strikes in Syria.

But he might not be finished giving headaches to Biden’s White House.

Now, a U.S. senator is seeking government records about Kerry’s potential conflicts of interest, including his financial dealings.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has written to Secretary of State Antony Blinken requesting the information because on Kerry’s disclosure documents, “it’s unclear exactly what matters Mr. Kerry has been barred from working on and whether he has received any waivers for specific matters that he would otherwise be recused from.”

Grassley wants records related to “all evaluations of potential, apparent and/or actual conflicts of interest” concerning Kerry, a list of matters he’s recused from, and “all exemptions or waivers” applied to Kerry.

Fox News reported Kerry, one of the richest members of the Biden administration, recently released financial disclosures showing he and his wife owned millions of dollars in “fossil fuel-related stocks” even while he “traveled the world preaching about the existential threat of climate change.”

Further, in the last year or so, the report said, in addition to a $5 million salary in a no-show job as chairman of Bank of America’s global advisory council, Kerry received $125,000 in consulting fees from The Rise Fund, a private investment firm focused on environmental and social impact, an honorarium payment of $45,000 from Deutsche Bank and an honorarium payment of $90,000 from Zurich Insurance Company.

The Boston Herald reported, “It turns out that while the former Massachusetts senator and current Biden administration climate czar was lecturing us all about climate change, he was holding dirty oil and gas stocks and pulling down millions in corporate earnings.

“Kerry’s financial disclosure forms show his massive stock portfolio and assets, some of which he was forced to divest since taking his position as Special Presidential Envoy.”

The Herald report said Kerry “got rid of assets that could pose a conflict of interest and were identified by the Ethics Office. Among those were about three dozen energy-related companies dealing in electric, oil and gas — even nuclear — precisely the kind of energy Kerry and his climate crisis pals want us all to get rid of.”

“Kerry has not had a good start in the Biden administration, as we all in Massachusetts knew would happen,” the report said. “One thing we do know about Very Special Envoy Kerry: there will be more trouble coming.”

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