Sending your son to college? Is the vaccine risk worth it?

Many young Americans and their parents believe that a college degree is the key to open doors to a successful future. So, when they get a letter from the college administration saying you must get this injection or you are barred from our campus, they rush to comply.

After all, vaccines are “safe and effective,” and you’ve already had dozens of them, so what’s one more? Our vigilant and world-renowned scientific and health agencies would never allow an unsafe product to be authorized, would they? The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would never miss a safety signal or lie to us, would they? Look at the thousands of regulations they impose on us, and the warning label on everything from plastic bags to table salt. See the signs in the liquor section warning pregnant women not to take a sip lest their baby be harmed.

Now one of the world’s most respected and widely published cardiologists, Dr. Peter McCullough, calls attention to the 800 reported cases of post-COVID jab myocarditis (heart inflammation), mostly in young men. “Only” a couple of them have died. Most recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital. How they did at football tryouts we don’t know. Dr. McCullough thinks many of them will develop heart failure.

The first response to reports of adverse events following a vaccine or a drug is generally that it is a coincidence or a conspiracy theory, and that association doesn’t prove causation. People have heart attacks, strokes and blood clots every day, even young people. So, we get into a statistical discussion of whether the post-jab rate is “significantly” higher than the background rate. It turns out that the rate of myocarditis in these formerly healthy young men is indeed higher than expected.

How many “excess” cases do we actually have, and how many are enough to halt the program?

The best mechanism available at present is the flawed Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is being deluged with reports and is very far behind on data entry. Reports of events possibly related to platelet problems in persons injected between Dec 15, 2020, and March 12, 2021, increased from 370 to 6,290 over a couple months, and were continuing to climb in May as data entry clerks worked on the backlog.

Reporting is also incomplete. Doctors don’t notice the association, or don’t know about VAERS, or are discouraged from reporting. There might be 8,000 cases, or even 80,000.

Only the most severe cases come to attention at first, as the thalidomide disaster shows. Thalidomide was marketed as “safe and effective” for everyone in 1957. In 1961, the same obstetrician who had prescribed it for morning sickness noticed babies being born without limbs. Less serious abnormalities were described later. The drug was taken off the market in 1962 – five years after it was released.

The person who gives you the jab in the parking lot or vaccination center will probably never see you again, unlike that obstetrician, so it will take longer to see connections.

Why hasn’t the program been halted already? Where are Nader’s “unsafe at any speed” Raiders?

The country has apparently been mesmerized by fear of COVID and by faith that forcing everyone to get injected is the one and only key to release us from lockdowns.

What effect will the recently released 3,000 Fauci emails have? Dr. Anthony Fauci has long sat at the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the relevant part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the dictator of national pandemic policy: 1) devastating lockdowns, 2) NO early treatment with repurposed drugs deemed safe and effective by hundreds or thousands of physicians worldwide, and 3) exclusive reliance on vaccination.

Dr. Fauci calls the furor over his emails “an attack on science.” It is rather an attack on our faith in experts who lied about funding genetic engineering research on viruses in China. Should we trust their remedy of genetically engineered products that cause our bodies to make the most dangerous part of the virus – the spike protein?

You might be able to get a college degree with a damaged heart, but the door may be slammed permanently on athletics, military service, or any physically demanding occupation.

Your daughter also is at risk. The heart problems are less frequent in women, but women are not exempt. And where else do those lipid nanoparticles enclosing the instructions for spike protein go? Those college administrators don’t know, and if Dr. Fauci knows, he’s not telling.

Would putting a hold on your college education be worth it? Is it even worth it to win the lottery if you lose your heart?

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