For President Joe Biden, two separate incidents this month demonstrated that timing is everything in disproving “time heals all wounds.”

Biden picked this month to sign off on the “Memorandum on Promoting Accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence” (CRSV), aimed at bolstering efforts to address sexual abuse in war zones. It seeks to give such violence “the same level of consideration as other severe human rights violations by utilizing sanctions and other tools for accountability for the perpetrators and to leverage different tools for accountability.”

Timed to coincide with a CRSV international conference in England, the White House calls such violence “a crime that is far too frequently overlooked and underreported … at a time when CRSV persists with impunity around the world.” It added, as the United Nations estimates for every documented incident of rape in war zones there are at least 10 to 20 undocumented, the U.S. is “committed to supporting survivors through all available measures.”

But the timing of Biden’s signing of the memorandum revealed a certain callousness. Only a few days earlier, a woman –Tara Reade, 58, who had first claimed in 2020 that, as a member of then-senator Biden’s staff, he sexually assaulted her in 1993 – refuses to be silenced, urging Republicans to investigate her claim.

She says she is willing to give testimony under oath to support her allegation that Biden’s actions included “pressing her up against a wall, kissing her neck and penetrating her with his fingers by prying her legs open with his knees,” followed by him laughing it all off after she rebuffed him. She has offered to “provide whatever information (Congress) needed and (Congress) could ask me whatever questions they wanted.” She added, “I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward.”

Interestingly, when Reade first made her claims, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said the allegations deserved a serious investigation. He even suggested, “We’ve probably got to hear from (Biden) at some point directly.” Now that Jeffries is tapped to become the Democratic Party’s minority leader next month, it will be interesting to see if he still believes such an investigation is needed.

For Reade, time has not healed wounds. This is understandable, as a MeToo movement that vigorously tried to derail the selection of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 based on sexual allegations has been eerily silent about Reade’s much more credible claim against Biden. Not even Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, infamous for outrageously claiming during Kavanaugh’s hearing that all women should be believed when sexual allegations are made, has supported Reade.

As Reade said, hers is not the only voice in need of being heard. Numerous other women who allege they suffered the sting of unwanted sexual touchings by Biden have made their claims known.

One claim arose from a 2009 Christmas party hosted by newly elected Vice President Biden for the Secret Service agents protecting him. The allegation is that an agent actually shoved Biden after he committed a full-handed grab of his girlfriend’s breast during a photo op. Other agents allegedly had to pull the agent back. The agent in question received a one-week suspension. An anonymous agent explained that the annual Christmas Party at the vice presidential residence had to be canceled “because Biden would grope all of our wives’ and girlfriends’ asses.”

No written report of the incident has been produced by the Secret Service as requested, claiming it was destroyed due to “retention standards.” Nonetheless, the agency acknowledges the incident occurred. One can only wonder, if Biden would commit such acts with women in a room full of observers, what he might try when no one else was around?

Additionally, there were published reports that some female agents, on the verge of suicide, demanded removal from Biden’s security detail as he insisted on going for nude swims in front of them. One would think the last people a high-ranking government official would seek to upset would be those providing his protection. However, it appears that perverted Joe lacks any conscience.

Ironically, in signing a CRSV memorandum seeking to hold others accountable for their sexual abuses in wartime, Biden feels no sense of accountability for his own such acts far from the world’s battlefields.

It is telling that Biden’s alleged actions apparently reached the point where he became a threat to the personal safety of those assigned to protect him.

Accordingly, Reade deserves the opportunity to be heard and to have her claim fully investigated. While such an investigation may well boil down to a case of she-said-he-said, considering Biden’s well-documented history of being untruthful, the truth meter favors Reade as having been but one more victim of a serial sexual abuser.

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