Should we 'move on' from Biden's Afghan debacle?

Democrats and their mainstream media allies want us to “move on” from the Afghanistan withdrawal that was such a disaster for Joe Biden. “It is over.” They’d also have us “move on” from possible 2020 election fraud. “It is over.”

OK … then let’s also move on from Jan. 6. “It is over.” And move on over Trump taxes. “It is over.”

Instead, let’s discuss what caused this new round of inflation. Why are oil/gasoline prices so high? How did we lose the oil independence Trump gave us? What is wrong with our border security? Why did Biden send out the stimulus checks? Why do the media continue to hide Biden gaffes? What is Critical Race Theory really doing to Americans? How much is too much government spending/deficit/debt?

When is the federal government interfering with states’ rights? What is wrong with H.R. 1? How was BLM manipulated in the summer of 2020? Why are there high violent-crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities? What is the difference in taxes between Democrat-run states and Republican-run states? Why do we now have the largest income and wealth gaps between rich and poor in the history of the republic, under Biden? And why are so many Ph.D.s, nurses and young people refusing to get vaccinated?

On just about every issue, Biden and Democrats hurt average working Americans – including that fact wages have increased (4%) less than inflation (5.5%, not including food and gasoline; real inflation is well above 10%), after Trump had wages increasing faster than inflation for the first time in 10 years since Obama failed at doing it.

Democrats now point to stock prices as a success. Those stock prices are increasing because of the near zero interest rates, inflation and rising oil prices. How can that be a success? What happens when oil prices decrease, interest rates increase and inflation decreases?

Biden does not put America first. Biden and his Democrats are failures, losers. They think that by claiming that we should “move on,” Americans will do just that, “move on.”

Democrats cheated in the 2020 election to get Biden, two U.S. senators from Georgia and one from Michigan elected. Many Americans took the attitude of “Who cares? What is done is done” – like the Supreme Court ruling “moot” on investigating election fraud. “Moot” was the Supreme Court version of “move on, it is over.” Chief Justice John Roberts already knew that he would rule “moot” when he moved the court date out beyond the Jan. 6 vote certification. He could have reviewed the cases before Jan 6.

What is done is done? Move on? It is over? Moot? Who cares?

Oh yeah? Just look at what those Democrats have done in just the first seven months of controlling the White House, Senate, and House! If you are not in panic, then you should be.

Are you moving on? Is it over for you? Not for me. No way! Too much depends on “staying put” to save America.

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