Silent part spoken out loud? Pelosi demands push for 'Obama agenda'

Was it a “mistake” or the “silent part spoken out loud?” Or worse yet, dementia speaking?

Those questions all are being raised after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week, during a question-and-answer session, referred to the “Obama agenda of building back better.

Simple mistake? Possibly, as Pelosi is 81, some three years older that the gaffe-ridden President Biden, who actually was given credit for the “Build Back Better” narrative.

Silent part out loud? Also a possibility, based on Biden’s repeated appearances in which he exhibits mental fatigue, or something related, which have raised questions before about who is making the decisions that come out of the Oval Office.

As Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president for eight years, it would not surprise that Obama still has his ear, and offers advice.

Or just plain old age?

A commentary at The Gateway Pundit wondered openly: “Was it her dementia? Or did she accidentally say the quiet part out loud and admit that Obama is running things?”

Pelosi said, “[We have to] keep government open we intend we have to do those imminently, uh, uh, more imminently even to address the full Obama agenda of building back better with and I love to say building back better.”

The Washington Examiner attributed Pelosi’s promotion of the “Obama agenda” to having “misspoke.”

The report explained, “Biden has advocated for a social spending plan the administration dubbed the Build Back Better agenda, with legislation of the same name currently under negotiation in Congress.”

The report explained, “Pelosi previously vowed to bring the reconciliation bill and the infrastructure to the floor for corresponding House votes. Some progressives have said vote they will vote against the infrastructure bill until a reconciliation bill passes, while centrists called for an immediate vote on the infrastructure bill. This leaves Democratic leadership, including Pelosi, to try and bridge the divide within her caucus to pass the key elements of the president’s agenda.”

Pelosi had told other members of Congress on Tuesday Congress must pass the “Biden Build Back Better Act” and claimed it would create jobs and make America’s richest “pay their fair share.”

It was reported only days earlier that Biden, when he left the vice presidency, took in some $13 million in book and speaking revenue, and ran the income through S corporations which allowed him to avoid paying an estimated $500,000 in payroll taxes.

He reportedly spent some of that income on a multi-million dollar beach house, explaining that he’d always wanted one.

Obama, meanwhile, indicated earlier this year Biden is “finishing” the agenda he began.

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