Skyrocketing fentanyl deaths: Pin them on Joe Biden!

There’s a lot of evil taking place here in the USA.

If you’re like me, you can’t even keep up with it. It’s impossible.

Even as a news junkie, it’s hard – even as a so-called “news professional,” which I have been for the last 48 years of my life, it grows more difficult because of the blatant censorship of Big Tech. There’s so much news you don’t see and hear about.

But there’s another reason.

Bad things are happening so fast, at warp speed, it’s just a blur – and the dissemination of those events is so controlled.

We have a federal government that is paid by the taxpayers trillions of dollars a year. It’s supposed to work for us – to watch out for our best interests. But it is not. Among the limited things it is supposed to do for all this money is manage immigration.

Before he even took office as “president,” Joe Biden told the people he was in favor of open borders. Why? Probably because he wanted to rig the 2020 election by using phony voters. Remember how he called for a “surge” of the border? I guess most people didn’t take him seriously. I didn’t.

As far as I was concerned, two years ago Joe Biden didn’t have a ghost of a chance of becoming president. First, he’s so uncommunicative, so cognitively challenged and so prone to verbal misfires that he is unlistenable to the average person. Don’t doubt me. I have had five strokes myself – but I could take him in a debate!

But I digress. In January of 2021, he began doing what he said – “surging” the border.

He kept doing it all year, letting in millions of foreigners – not just Latin Americans – with no regard to their identity, their character, their worthiness, their fitness. He allowed in one year an estimated 2 million souls without determining anything about them – and he’s still at it! While most of Americans were locked down by a pandemic, forbidden from traveling, the restriction didn’t apply to Biden’s marauders. How did he do it? In the dark of night! And he used the drug cartels to aid him.

What has Biden heaped on America?

We just found out that fentanyl has just become the No. 1 drug in America. How could that have happened? Where does it come from? It comes from Mexico, of course, and China.

It is a powerful opioid that is 100 times stronger than morphine and 100 times as deadly.

We just found out it’s become, according to the CDC, the No. 1 killer of Americans ages 18-45.


In that age range, it kills far more that the coronavirus, more people that traffic accidents. It certainly kills a lot more than “climate change.”

This is now a nightmare, a man-made disaster created by Joe Biden. He has caused it – 100%. And still fentanyl continues to pour into the country.

Who needs a pandemic?

“In the past two years, deaths from fentanyl have significantly exceeded deaths from COVID-19 for this age group,” writes a columnist reporting on a Centers for Disease Control report. “The overdoses cut across gender, race, socioeconomic status and geography.”

The column continues, “And it’s a trend we must address. Congress should swiftly deploy resources to support young people contending with drug addiction. Boosting funding for treatment centers and ensuring equitable geographic access to these centers should be a top priority this year.”

But wait a minute! Congress and Joe Biden are in charge of the government! The crisis is now. James Rauh, founder of Families Against Fentanyl, calls it a “weapon of mass destruction” because it is, in fact, an “existential threat” to the nation’s security.

That’s what’s happening to us under Joe Biden’s catatonic watch!

Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana Mississippi, California and Texas saw their numbers quintuple since 2019.

And do you want to know where it begins? Just where the Chinese plague began! It is sent off to the cartels in Mexico in unforeseen, unimaginable quantities.

He’s killing our youth – Joe Biden, that is.

He must be removed from office at the earliest constitutional opportunity – which means when Republicans are empowered in January 2023. Kamala Harris, too – his so called “border czar.”

Where have their loyalties been?

They don’t lift a finger to find out the genesis of the Chinese plague, and then start killing Americans with another plague?

But Joe has made plenty of money through Hunter Biden’s deals with China – $31 million at least!

God help us!

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