'Some people have blinders on': Franklin Graham warns U.S. 'under attack from within'

Rev. Franklin Graham prays at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020 (RNC video screenshot)

Samaritan’s Purse ministry chief Franklin Graham on Tuesday issued a warning to the nation, regarding socialism and communism and whether there is a future for America.

“America is under attack from within. Godless socialism and communism are threatening our very way of life in this country and the inroads already made are shocking. Even though no one has fired a shot, the battle is raging and we’d better wake up before it’s too late,” he warned on social media.

“It’s like some people have blinders on and don’t see the dangers of what is coming down the road.”

He cited the case of Yeonmi Park, a defector from North Korea who attended an Ivy League university and came to the conclusion her own, repressive home dictatorship wasn’t quite as bad.

Explained Graham, “Yeonmi Park sees the dangers though. She was born in North Korea and fled the oppression, risking everything to find freedom. The journey was long and hard, but now in the United States, Yeonmi was excited to go to an Ivy League university where she thought free-thought flourished and she could learn and grow.”

But, he said, “that’s not what she found. Instead, the institution of higher learning was more concerned with political correctness and forcing her to think the way they wanted her to. She has been utterly shocked, saying it reminds her of the country she fled. They teach anti-Western sentiment, collective guilt, and suffocating political correctness. She was condemned for reading traditional American literature, saying that those authors were racists and bigots.

“Speaking three languages, she was dismayed when they said she must use incorrect pronouns like ‘they’ and ‘them’ rather than ‘him’ and ‘her’ to satisfy the gender police. Yeonmi said, ‘It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization.’ She rightly accused American higher education institutions of stripping people’s ability to think critically,” Graham explained.

“Yeonmi told the media that it seems like ‘people here are just dying to give their rights and power to the government. That is what scares me the most.'”

Graham said, “That’s what should scare us as well. It is said that, ‘The goal of socialism is communism.’ Communism has always been the enemy of the church. They executed thousands upon thousands of pastors, priests, and other religiously affiliated people throughout Russia, Eastern Europe, and China. Pray that God will spare us and that our political leaders will wake up to the enemy that is at the gate.”

Park, in an interview on Fox News. said, “Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy.”

The 27-year-old added, “I thought America was different, but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”

She said she saw red flags immediately upon transferring to Columbia from a South Korean university in 2016. A staff member scolded her during orientation for admitting she enjoyed classic Western literature and authors such as Jane Austen.”

She gained her freedom after walking across the Gobi Desert to South Korea. That was only after she and her mother had fled to China, where they were sold by human traffickers before Christian missionaries helped them flee to Mongolia.

She said in North Korea, people are deceived by propaganda because they aren’t taught to think critically.

“That is what is happening in America,” she said. “People see things but they’ve just completely lost the ability to think critically.”

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