Something's wrong with Kamala, too

America and the rest of the world have become sure about one thing since Jan. 20.

Something is seriously wrong with Joe Biden.

He’s just not playing with a full deck. He’s at least a French fry short of a Happy Meal.

It’s not only that he’s the oldest president ever to serve in the toughest job in the world.

He’s also the one who is the least well equipped – a pony soldier short of a light brigade, you might say.

They say he’s “cognitively challenged.” But it’s much worse than that, because Biden is flying solo; there’s nobody real in the co-pilot’s seat! The supposed solution to the 25th Amendment challenge we keep hearing about is Kamala Harris. But she’s not qualified to be president either!

A fundamentally unserious person, Harris thinks she’s a comedienne.

Have you ever met anyone who thinks anything she says is the funniest, wittiest, most hilarious thing you ever heard? That’s Kamala. The problem is, she’s incapable of being actually funny. She just laughs maniacally when she’s nervous, or has the jitters, or a touch of hysteria.

This hasn’t happened once, twice or three times. This is who she is. Whenever she feels trapped, she cackles. Maybe she learned this from Hillary – or Phyllis Diller. It’s not very endearing, whatever it is.

Here’s the latest example of many. Maybe you can figure out how to classify or diagnose it.

Kamala laughs hysterically when discussing struggling parents who aren’t able to send their kids to school – because the unions are too powerful. She seems tickled by all the kids and parents in this country who still locked down for the convenience of teachers who don’t want to work.

Now this does not strike me as a laughing matter. But this is usually the kind of thing that send Kamala into delirium without explanation.

“More people are seeing, that yeah, affordable child care is a big deal. More parents are seeing the value of educators,” she cackled. “More parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to bring their kids and say we’re not paying them nearly enough.” Yuckety, yuck yuck.

But there is a second characteristic I find disturbing in Kamala. And that’s her sense of entitlement.

She’s already frustrated to still be “living out of suitcases” two months after being installed as Queen of D.C. – or vice president. Her future home is not ready yet – the 9,000-plus square-foot home built in 1893, called the Naval Observatory.

She says she’s “frustrated” about the situation.

For now, she’s stuck in the Blair House, an official guest residence of the White House – conveniently located across Pennsylvania Avenue.

An administration source told CNN that it’s unclear why work is taking so long at the traditional home of vice presidents, on the grounds of the Naval Observatory.

You can bet she’s not laughing about this.

Given the age and size of the building, repairs and upkeep are constant, in addition to the security requirements needed to house the nation’s second-in-command.

There is also an ongoing contract worth $3.8 million for “plumbing, heating, air-conditioning contractors,” according to government records.

However, none of the contracts appear to indicate why the vice president cannot move in, though an administration source said the work included renovating the chimneys.

You want to know why Kamala has her eye fixated on the Naval Observatory? The biggest luxury of the vice president’s official home is that it sits in 13 private acres within the 72 acres, affording a calm, private retreat — with a pool — a short drive from downtown Washington.

Blair House, meanwhile, though luxurious, is a more formal setting in the heart of town, filled with museum-quality antiques but somewhat lacking the comforts of home.

Kamala’s not complaining, mind you. She’s just “frustrated” about ostensibly “living out of suitcases.”

Not the life one would expect of royalty.

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