Sorry, but I don't believe in the 'new strain' of coronavirus

With everything we’ve experienced this past year, I feel myself growing more cynical and, frankly, a bit misanthropic.

I recently recorded a podcast where I described my disappointment at how easily the vast majority of people just accepted the ridiculous mandates and governmental edicts and did so, quite willingly, because of safety.

For we know there is no higher purpose of government than to keep us safe, at all cost, despite ourselves.

We just keep complying with all the nonsense, even after everything we’ve witnessed, all the proven misinformation and shifting goalposts.

Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”? That wasn’t described as our overlords’ best guess. They didn’t say, “With the available data we’ve compiled and analyzed, this is our best hypothesis. As more facts are revealed and more discoveries made, this may change.”

No, they didn’t say that. They convinced us that this was an ironclad scientific fact, that all we needed was two weeks or so to flatten the curve, and we’d be good to go. Yet here we are, how many months later, and virtually everyone has forgotten the phrase flatten the curve, and not a single soul was asked to explain the fact that “flatten the curve” was a load of crap. In my opinion, they were just buying time to think of how far back to move the goalposts.

And now, after everything this nation has had to endure under the boot of government – masks, distancing, shutdowns and lockdowns – after all the businesses that have been forced to permanently close, all the unemployment it caused, the depression, suicide, etc., after all that, we finally are shown the light at the end of the tunnel, by means of vaccines, which were developed so quickly as to stagger the mind.

But just when people are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief, there are reports of a new, even worse, strain of the coronavirus.

In years gone by I doubt I would have questioned the validity of such a claim made by the “experts.”

But, after all the misstatements, half-truths and outright lies we’ve been fed, not only scientifically and medically, but politically, in regards to the election, I’m finding it increasing difficult to believe that a new, mutated strain of the virus has been discovered, just as the vaccine is being widely distributed.

This “new strain” may be entirely legitimate, but after all we’ve been fed this year, I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe it. I can’t – at least not at first blush. Give me a better reason than it’s what some expert says, and maybe I’ll believe.

Why should I? This is a classic, virtually textbook demonstration of the Boy who cried Wolf.

How many times do they think we will just sit here and believe one tall tale after another before it just becomes too much.

I know I sound like some unhinged, conspiracy moron, but again, why should I believe the same “experts” who have been consistently feeding us wrong information about every measure regarding this pandemic?

And believe me; I don’t want to be that guy, that outlier. But I have to – hell, we all must. Look at what they’ve put us through, made us do, not do and forced us to endure. And look at what it has done to improve our lives. Absolutely nothing!

Juxtapose that with all they’ve done to erode away any confidence we had in these “experts” to practically nothing.

Testing for the virus is substantially too sensitive, so it picks up a lot more than just COVID – and they know it, yet still do nothing about it. This leads to considerably more false positive diagnoses. They know this, too, and do nothing to correct it.

They’re doing post-mortem COVID tests for the sole purpose of inflating the number of deaths.

They tell us to stay home, stay inside, despite knowing that sunlight kills the virus. They tell us that proven treatments aren’t really treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine.

They say to wear masks and social distance, despite not a shred of real evidence that they are effective.

After all this, at best we must conclude the experts to be incompetent, or at worst, just plain bad people, manipulating the ignorant for their own gains.

And now we are expected to believe them once again – that by sheer happenstance, and just as we can begin to see a possible end in sight, they’ve discovered a new strain!

And let me guess. The vaccines just developed at lightning speed are completely ineffective, and any happy thoughts we had of opening up America again? Just put those thoughts back in the lock box.

This new strain may be totally legit, but you’ll have to pardon me if I’m just a bit skeptical.

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