Spiritual 'eyes to see' – too many in the church are blind

What if almost everything that you see … is not as it appears to be?

Well, it could mean that your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Or perhaps your eyesight is just fine, but there is someone between you and what you are viewing who wants you to see something that is not there.

If the world you see is not making any sense, maybe there is someone describing what they want you to see, rather than describing what is really there.

Both types of media – big media and social media – are perfectly positioned to be the “man or woman in the middle” describing what they want you to see. Maybe they are trying to be helpful. Maybe they misunderstand themselves.

Or maybe they are lying to you. People lie to others to make their own life easier, protect themselves from exposure, or to gain power over you by causing you to act differently than you would if you saw clearly what was in front of you.

Often liars excuse their lying behavior by saying, “Everybody does it.” They are lying about that, too. In the end, liars lie because they are liars. It’s a personality defect that hides who they really are.

A media and a government filled with liars, whether you hired them or someone else elected them, is not a prescription for a successful nation. But what can we do?

We have to learn how to see with our spiritual eyes, not only our natural eyes. It used to be that the church provided this vision, because God gave the church spiritual “eyes to see” among those who worshiped there.

But the church’s spiritual vision has atrophied over the years. Today churchgoers see a God entangled in the same theological box in which they reside. “God is supernatural, but today he only works through people.” Hmm … I thought God was unchanging. So if He could part the Red Sea yesterday, He must be able to part it today, and tomorrow.

We live in an age filled with people who prefer a god more like them, one who only operates naturally and only within the natural world. For them, the fantasy of evolution has replaced the reality of God’s supernatural act of Creation, in the Garden of Eden. Thus they are no longer responsible to a Creator-God, since all of creation and life itself was an accident.

Men and women with big plans for the rest of us have been playing god for a while now. They use media to manipulate us with lies and fear, which have long been the devil’s favorite weapons. Some of these god-wannabes spend their time worshiping heaven’s outcast, while they ignore the only one who is God. It’s going to be entertaining in the extreme when they encounter the supernatural Creator God as he really is, invading their games and delusions of grandeur, and brushing aside their carefully crafted generational plans for the rest of us.

It can be a long journey between meeting Jesus at the Cross and developing spiritual eyes to see God’s supernatural actions in the natural world of today. The Holy Spirit will help you discern the Father’s fingerprints in the natural world. He will also help you to discern God’s truth from the world’s lies.

Will the church once again step into its supernatural role and provide “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” for those stumbling in the darkness of today’s world? Or has the world so seduced the church that it, too, has gone blind?

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