SPLC now adds concerned-parent groups to 'hate map'

Remember when the Southern Poverty Law Center first began publishing its despicable, libelous, “hate maps” back in the day when they accused WND of being a hate site?

That was over 10 years ago. Today, they’re targeting parental rights groups, including Moms for Liberty and similar groups alongside racist Ku Klux Klan chapters.

The SPLC added a slew of parental rights organizations to its “hate map” for 2022 and labeled them “anti-government groups.”

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“Schools, especially, have been on the receiving end of ramped-up and coordinated hard-right attacks, frequently through the guise of ‘parents’ rights’ groups,” the SPLC’s “Year in Hate and Extremism” report claims. “These groups were, in part, spurred by the right-wing backlash to COVID-19 public safety measures in school. But they have grown into an anti-student inclusion movement that targets any inclusive curriculum that contains discussions of race, discrimination and LGBTQ identities.”

Of course, SPLC designates the parent groups as “extremist” in nature – while not designating any leftist organization, such as Antifa, as “extremist.”

“At the forefront of this mobilization is Moms for Liberty, a Florida-based group with vast connections to the GOP that this year the SPLC designated as an extremist group,” the report notes. “They can be spotted at school board meetings across the country wearing shirts and carrying signs that declare, ‘We do NOT CO-PARENT with the GOVERNMENT.'”

The SPLC report does not once mention the Left’s aggressive promotion of sexualized material for children in schools and at other venues, the Daily Signal points out.

“It does not mention the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ movement or the fact that many of the books which parents demand removed from school libraries include pornographic content. It does not mention how many on the Left champion the idea that children should be able to identify with a gender opposite their biological sex, hide that identity from their parents, and even obtain life-altering drugs without parental consent. Instead, it acts as though the parental rights movement emerged in a vacuum, or worse, is motivated by hatred,” the story noted.

The SPLC long has demonized conservative Christian groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom as “anti-LGBT hate groups,” national security groups such as the Center for Security Policy as “anti-Muslim hate groups” and immigration groups such as the Center for Immigration Studies as “anti-immigrant hate groups.”

The SPLC’s 2022 report – released Tuesday – includes the new designation “anti-government group.”

“Hate and anti-government groups make up the extreme edge of America’s hard right, an inherently antidemocratic movement that rejects pluralism and equity,” the SPLC report states. “The movement instead strives to build a society dominated by hierarchy, where people whom far rightists deem lesser or threatening – women, Black and Brown people, LGBTQ people, non-Christians and others – are socially and politically subjugated. The hard right has the advantage of building on already existing structural white supremacy, as well as its persistent and regular manifestations in everyday life and in politics.”

Virginia, the state in which Glenn Youngkin won a gubernatorial election by running on parental involvement in education, includes many such groups. Parents Against Critical Race Theory in Ashburn; Parents Defending Education in Arlington; Virginia Moms for America; and Virginia Parents Involved in Education all appear on the SPLC’s new list of “anti-government extremist groups.”

Many chapters of Eagle Forum, a conservative women’s group founded by Phyllis Schlafly, also are cited. The SPLC’s accusation against the Family Research Council inspired a terrorist attack in 2012. A shooter targeted the organization’s Washington, D.C., office, using the “hate map.” He intended to kill everyone in the building, but a brave security guard prevented the attack. The shooter is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Liberals were quick to pick up the labels of the SPLC as it is designated as a “partner” of Google and several other search engines. Such is the power of Big Tech. It continues to reshape the media – making them into the “fake news.”

I guess, by now, getting called a “hate” group by the SPLC has become a badge of honor for half the country.

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