State election commissioners face criminal charges for 2020 actions

A sheriff in Wisconsin who has reviewed the circumstances of the 2020 presidential election says he’ll be filing charges against members of the state election commission.

For their alleged crimes.

Just the News reported this week that the office of the Racine County sheriff had investigated, and reported the state officials issued an illegal directive regarding absentee ballots for those living in residential care facilities.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling earlier had recommended charges to Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson for commissioners Margaret Bostelmann, Julie Glancey, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson, and Mark Thomsen.

The issue is they decided to sent absentee ballots to residents of care facilities, and allowed staff members to fill out their ballots, even though the state law requires a clerk’s “Special Voting Deputy” to go to those facilities and assist with the voting process.

The counts could include both felonies and misdemeanors of misconduct in public office, election fraud and more.

Schmaling’s office earlier asked Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to investigate statewide the commission’s decision to change the election process.

“The sheriff highlighted the case of a woman named Judy and her mother, Shirley, who had been in a residential care facility called Ridgewood Care Facility. Judy discovered that her mother had voted absentee for the Nov. 3, 2020 election when she had died on Oct. 9,” the report noted.” Shirley had last voted in 2016, prior to being placed in the facility. Her daughter asked the executive director of the facility how her mother could vote when her eyesight was poor and she didn’t pay attention to the news. The executive director said ‘the WEC gave facility staff the authority to help residents fill out their ballots.'”

The sheriff’s online announcement about the need for charges said he had forwarded charging recommendations based on Kaul’s decision against initiating a statewide investigation.

Just the News reported of 42 people who voted in one care facility, nine were described by their families of being incapable of voting.

WND reported earlier that at the same time the sheriff was reviewing the election process, and its apparent failures, a new report appeared showing how the state could have counted enough ballots that were illegal under state to hand the victory to Joe Biden.

Dan O’Donnell, in his report at The Federalist, said an audit has revealed “tens of thousands” of votes likely should not have been counted.

But they were.

He cited the “explosive” revelations from the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau’s report that reveal “what many in the key swing state have long suspected: Those tasked with administering the election willfully ignored and openly violated state law.”

He noted that the Wisconsin Election Commission runs elections in the state, but if the six commissioners – three from each political party – cannot agree on a recommendation, the hired staff issues a report.

“The overwhelming majority of WEC’s decisions during the 2020 election cycle were essentially made by unelected, unappointed, and obviously left-leaning bureaucrats,” he explained. “Both they and the commissioners who oversee them were downright derelict in their duty to fairly and impartially supervise an election run by city and county clerks and poll workers who were not properly trained and did not receive accurate, lawful guidance.”

The reported specifically cited the state’s legal requirement that if an absentee ballot isn’t filled out correctly, the clerk may return it to the voter.

But “in direct violation of this law, WEC issued guidance to clerks in 2016 that allowed clerks to ‘cure’ such incorrect information on ballot certificates themselves,” the report explained. “The Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) did not investigate the number of certificates that clerks cured, but still found a significant number of incomplete ballots that, according to state law, should not have been counted.”

The numbers revealed that auditors “reviewed 14,710 absentee ballots cast in 29 municipalities across the state, including nine of the 10 cities in which the highest numbers of absentee ballots were cast. Stunningly, the city of Madison refused to allow the LAB to physically handle its ballots. Madison, Wisconsin’s capital and the most heavily Democratic city in the state, was the primary reason Joe Biden won Dane County over Donald Trump, as it voted for Biden by a whopping 75.7 to 22.9 percent.”

His report continued, “The review of ballot certificates revealed that 1,022 of the ballots reviewed (representing 6.9 percent) ‘had partial witness addresses because they did not have one or more components of a witness address, such as a street name, municipality, state, and zip code.’ Fifteen of them (0.1 percent) ‘did not have a witness address in its entirety,’ while eight (less than 0.1 percent) ‘did not have a witness signature,’ and three (less than 0.1 percent) ‘did not have a voter’s signature.'”

Applying those percentages to the nearly two million total mail-in votes in the state showed there were an estimated 135,512 absentee ballot certificates only had a partial witness address, 2,002 did not have a witness address at all, 1,068 did not have a witness signature, and 401 did not have a voter signature, the report said.

Those ballots, legally, should not have been counted in the state where Biden defeated Trump in Wisconsin by just 20,682 votes.

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