State lawmakers kill plan to protect individuals who hurt children

With the advent of Joe Biden’s obsession with promoting transgenderism, especially for children, a lot of new laws and regulations have been developed by individual states.

Some protect children, some allow them to be harmed in the ideology of social progressivism.

But there’s one proposal out that was too extreme even for leftists: a plan in Maine to protect “anyone who takes a child struggling with gender confusion away from non-consenting parents for the purpose of subjecting the child to experimental and mutilating medical procedures.”

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That description comes from Liberty Counsel, a top-flight legal team that battles for religious, human, children’s and speech rights.

The organization has announced that the Judiciary Committee of the Maine House of Representatives has voted unanimously to stop the bill.

The plan, as written, also would have prevented Maine from enforcing child protection laws of other states by allowing out-of-state children to get experimental surgeries in Maine without any parental consent.

”Today we won a victory for our children who have been fooled into thinking they are not perfect the way God made them,” explained Rep. Katrina Smith, a Judiciary Committee member. “With the death of LD 1735 we have proven that when evil is brought out of the darkness and exposed in the light, it can be vanquished. The people spoke loudly and it mattered.”

Liberty Counsel reported a video of the committee’s work session revealed the bill died by a unanimous, bipartisan vote.

The report said the bill was “deceptively” titled, “An Act to Safeguard Gender-Affirming Health Care,” but the actions cited as “health care” actually are body-mutilating surgeries and life-altering chemicals done to children.

It would have let any court in Maine presume the authority to take “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over minors in the state unable to get “gender-affirming health care.”

”Essentially, the bill prioritizes medically mutilating procedures over parental rights by legalizing the taking of a minor from those who have legal custody if there is ‘evidence’ the taking of the minor was for this ‘medical’ purpose. The bill states that courts ‘may not consider’ the taking of any child for obtaining medical mutilating procedures and ‘weigh’ it against the person who took the child,” Liberty Counsel explained.

The report explained the bill actually characterized withholding body-mutilating surgeries from children as “child abuse.”

The report continued, “LD 1735 would have also affected how law enforcement protects children. The bill would have downgraded out-of-state arrest warrants for people violating another state’s law regarding these experimental procedures to ‘the lowest law enforcement priority.’ In addition, it would have prevented law enforcement from arresting, extraditing, or even providing information about a person to an out-of-state agency regarding ‘gender care’ conducted in Maine.”

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel chairman, said, “This reprehensible medical mutilation trafficking bill attempted to legalize kidnapping in Maine to subject minors to damaging and often irreversible procedures. There is no sane logic in the world that could justify trafficking gender-confused children. The unanimous vote killing this bill sends a clear message that parents have the fundamental right to protect their children.”

IMPORTANT NOTE TO WND READERS: For America’s ruling elites, nothing is more precious, wonderful and life-giving to their great cause than the Jan. 6, 2021 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol. It’s irrelevant that the events didn’t come remotely close to constituting an actual “insurrection,” or that both police and over 200 undercover FBI assets provoked the riot – which Tucker Carlson calls a “set-up.” Yet Vice President Kamala Harris still insists the minor riot was just as horrific as the 9/11 terror attacks and Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

WHY are the elites doing this?

It’s not just because convicting, imprisoning, torturing and destroying the lives of hundreds of Trump supporters is meant to terrify and intimidate millions of Americans into submission. And it’s not just because activist judges and bureaucrats in over 30 states are absurdly trying to keep Trump off their state’s election ballots by citing the 14th Amendment’s prohibition against anyone who “engaged in insurrection” from holding elective office.

It’s because the elites’ destruction of America is so rapid, horrendous and obvious that they feel compelled to turn their opponents into monsters – or lose power at the next election. But that doesn’t mean just calling conservatives and Christians “racists,” “white supremacists,” “radical extremists” and “domestic terrorists” as they do continually. They know much more is needed.

Question: What if, far from being horrified by a half-baked riot they absurdly claim is worse than any domestic disturbance since the Civil War, the left actually LOVES the idea of violence on the right – the worse the better – since it perfectly serves their agenda? Increasingly, all the evidence strongly suggests today’s power-mad leftist elites not only intend to intimidate and discredit their political opponents by calling them terrorists, they mean to provoke actual violence.

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