Stop pretending we're the same America: We're not!

By Shari Goodman

America, stop pretending we live in a constitutional republic. We don’t! Stop pretending that we still have a representative government. We don’t! Stop pretending that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States. He is not! Stop pretending that we have a healthy economy. We don’t! Stop pretending we have free speech and a free press. We don’t! Stop pretending we are a country of laws. We aren’t! Stop pretending we have the once-trusted institutions to protect and serve us. They don’t and won’t! Stop pretending we can choose our gender. We can’t! Stop pretending they are not promoting communism in our schools. They are! Stop pretending they are not sexualizing our kids in the classroom with LGBT promotions. They are! Stop pretending America is a racist country. We’re not! Just stop pretending!

Anyone who took the time to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” saw the data and videos that prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Joe Biden. Those who followed the forensic audits of states such as Arizona and Wisconsin saw the theft by way of ballot harvesting, illegal voting, dead-voter rolls and ballots without a chain of custody. When Joe Biden announced that “we have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in political history” he was for once telling the truth. Both Nancy Pelosi and George Soros prior to the 2020 election are on record stating the election of President Trump in 2016 was a temporary glitch that would soon be overcome.

Americans benefited from President Trump’s policies enacted during his term in office. No inflation, no wars and full employment! Life was good for all Americans, so Democrats had to resort to the politics of personal destruction. They fabricated a false caricature and smeared Trump nightly on corporate-owned media networks with an agenda driven by globalists and Communist China. Our mainstream media and press have become paid-for proxies of the CCP and the globalist cabal whose agenda is a communist one-world government. The implementation of that agenda depended on the removal of Trump from office and the initiation of energy dependency on our adversaries, the destruction of the middle class, an open-border invasion from the Third World, inflation, racial strife and the beginning of global conflicts. The Great Reset is the creation of a new modern feudal system where we serfs will be ruled by an oligarchy of overlords.

The Deep State (those who have worked behind the scene to destroy the United States from within) has taken control of our once-trusted institutions. In today’s America, we have medical tyranny where physicians and nurses who don’t toe the government’s line are fired from their positions and ostracized by their peers. Doctors can no longer prescribe medication without the consent of government.

In Biden’s America, those who rallied against his election by trespassing (a misdemeanor) in the halls of Congress are held as political prisoners for nearly two years while the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, unarmed and non-violent, didn’t even warrant an investigation. Furthermore, those who served President Trump are under attack by a criminal Justice Department. Peter Navarro, adviser to President Trump, was recently arrested, shackled, and thrown into jail for not cooperating with the unconstitutional Jan. 6 Committee. Attorney Lyn Wood, among others, is threatened with disbarment for challenging the 2020 election by politicized Justice Department officials who behave as Biden’s henchmen.

In 2020, FBI operatives were involved in the attempted kidnapping hoax of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitman, and there are reports FBI operatives were on the ground urging protesters to storm the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021. The once-trusted agency is trusted no more.

Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann walked out a free man even when the jury was presented with evidence of his guilt in her campaign’s attempt to frame President Trump. An Obama-appointed judge and a jury pool that consisted of D.C. Democratic loyalists engaged in jury nullification. The Supreme Court abdicated its duty when it refused to hear cases brought forth by several states on behalf of Americans whose right to vote was infringed upon during the 2020 election. Jessie Smollett nearly started a race war with his lies of white racism. He was found guilty by a court, but because of his ties to Obama and Kamala Harris, he is a free man. Is justice dead in America?

America has sold large shares of our corporations in finance, the media, real estate, universities, Hollywood, sports, and influence in our halls of Congress to the CCP. Many of our trusted elected officials on both sides of the aisle have monetarily benefited by lobbying in our halls of Congress on behalf of Red China. Kurt Schlichter documents the evidence of those who sold out the United States for personal financial gain in his best seller, “Red Handed.” Beijing’s sphere of influence extends to corporate media where Americans are subjected to disinformation and propaganda aimed to advance our demise and China’s expansion. Their influence now dictates American domestic and foreign policy.

The censorship by Big Tech, the promotion of communist ideology in our public schools and universities, the creeping authoritarianism by the federal government, the loss of parental rights in our public schools where children as young as 5 are taught gender is non-binary, the war on free speech, the persecution of political opponents and the encroachment on property rights is conditioning Americans to accept authoritarianism and setting the stage for a complete communist takeover.

The Biden administration is dismantling the U.S. Constitution and America’s sovereignty by deliberately and illegally facilitating a foreign invasion at our southern border. It is estimated that nearly 3 million illegals have crossed our border since Biden took office and that many more are on their way. The rest of the world has emptied its prisons and are shipping murderers and thieves to our shores.

The Second Amendment is the amendment that guarantees all the others – but for the communists, the end justifies the means. With the upcoming mid-terms in sight, will Americans be subjected to increased mass shootings instability, and trauma as a means to gun confiscation? Will they be coming for our guns as they did in Russia, Germany, Communist China and Australia? An illegitimate criminal enterprise is occupying our federal government. Our Second Amendment is now the only thing that stands in the way between a life of tyranny or freedom.

The fate of our nation is within our hands. Will we remain free or become the new serfs? The choice is ours!

Shari Goodman, M.Ed., is a Los Angeles based writer, an activist and educator. Her articles have appeared in American Thinker, The L.A. Times, Israel Today and other publications. She has appeared on the online Jamie Glazov show and as a guest on talk radio.

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